Super Bowl

WATCH: Tom Brady Delivers a Stinging Blow to ‘Friend’ Donald Trump During Tuesday White House Visit

Now that Donald Trump is out of the White House, classic traditions are returning. While the 45th president was in…

4 months ago

A QAnon Prophet Says Tampa Bays Super Bowl Win is Proof Trump Will Return to Office

It is more than likely that Donald Trump was rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last night. The two men…

10 months ago

6 Idiots Arrested After The Patriots’ Super Bowl Loss Sparks Riot In Massachusetts

An angry crowd of roughly 2,000 people gathered at the University of Massachusetts Amherst last night after The New England Patriots…

4 years ago

America’s Embrace of Diversity Was Center Stage at The Super Bowl Last Night

"Some expected Gaga to go off on a politcal riff during half-time show. Instead, she let her music send message…

5 years ago

Coca-Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’ Super Bowl Ad Causes Idiotic Tea Party Backlash

During last night's Super Bowl, Coca Cola aired a commercial showing people singing 'America the Beautiful' in different languages.

8 years ago

How President Obama Turned The Tables and Humiliated Roger Ailes and Fox News

It's clear that Roger Ailes and Fox News had big plans for their Super Bowl interview with President Obama. They…

8 years ago

Hypocritical Puritans Attack Beyoncé as Too Sexy for Super Bowl

The puritans are up in arms against Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance, which included a reunion with her 1990s R&B group,…

9 years ago

Fundamentalist Christians Play by a Different Set of Rules that Defy the Tenets of Their Religion

Unlike football, one group of Christians is playing by a different set of rules that defy the tenets of the…

9 years ago

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