Hillary Clinton Says She’ll Only Appoint SCOTUS Justices Who Will Overturn Citizens United

At a meeting with financial supporters on Thursday, Hillary Clinton vowed to put forth Supreme Court nominees that were committed to overturning the 2010 Citizens United ruling. Hillary Clinton’s decision to make opposing the Citizens United ruling a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees follows a similar pledge made by her Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders. read more

Religious Right Leader Argues that Supreme Court Should Overrule God

Matt Barber of liberty counsel celebrates non-existent victories while looking for SCOTUS to let us do what Jesus said not to do

In Challenging the Supreme Court, Republicans Challenge the Constitution

The upcoming SCOTUS marriage equality ruling is just another opportunity for Republicans to challenge the constitutionality of the Consitution

Chief Justice Roberts Admits Conservatives Believe Politicians Should Serve The Rich

It is very seldom, if ever, that any Republican purposely admits in public that their raison d'etre is solely to serve the interests of corporations and the very richest Americans, and it is doubtful they expected the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court to expose their badly-kept secret, but he did; albeit inadvertently.

Religious Right Serves Restraining Orders On Supreme Court Justices Ginsburg and Kagan

Tt was no great surprise that evangelicals followed the lead of two congressional Republicans and issued religious orders restraining the 'wrong' kind of Supreme Court Justices from fulfilling their duly sworn Constitutional duty.

Conservative Christians Demand Liberal Justices Recuse Themselves From Gay Marriage Case

Some religious leaders are demanding that liberal justices Ginsburg and Kagan recuse themselves from an upcoming gay marriage case,

Hobby Lobby II Case Could Impose Right Wing Evangelical Tyranny On Health Insurers

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito opened a Pandora's box that has the potential to give some corporations the right to impose their "deeply held" religious objections to birth control on other corporations.

US Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Appeal, Upholds Wisconsin’s Strict Voter ID Law

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a challenge to a Wisconsin photo identification law passed in 2011.

Less Than 30 Percent Of Americans Support Supreme Court Nixing Obamacare Subsidies

A Hart Research Associates Poll released on March 2, finds that by a solid 63-29 majority, American voters want to keep Obamacare intact.

Scalia Is Wrong: The Constitution Prohibits Torture and GOP Civil Rights Violations

Conservatives have proffered every possible scenario to justify torture, including Supreme Court Justice Scalia invoking a fictional television counter-terrorism agent, Jack Bauer, torturing alleged terror suspects to stop a fictional attack on America.

Democratic Senator Bob Casey Wants To Restore The Voting Rights Act

On Friday, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) held a news conference where he called on his colleagues to restore the gutted portions of the Voting Rights Act.

Victory for Democracy as Wisconsin and Texas Voter ID Laws Come Tumbling Down

Democracy called checkmate against Scott Walker's attempt to rig Wisconsin's vote, while a Federal Court slapped down Greg Abbott's attempt to suppress votes in Texas.

North Carolina Could Join the Ranks of States That Recognize Marriage Equality

It's time for the Supreme Court to officially recognize that marriage equality triumphed over homophobia.

The Supreme Court Allows North Carolina Vote Suppression Law To Stand

Since North Carolina passed its version of a vote suppression law, it has been one long battle in the courts.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Claims A Liberal SCOTUS Will Lead To Slavery And Loss Of Freedom

During Monday night's broadcast of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly discussed the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision with fellow Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

The Supreme Court’s Shameless War on American Democracy

The Supreme Court ought to be protecting democracy. Like the other branches of the government, it answers to the people

Men Behaving Badly! Right-Wing Males Act Like Jerks After SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby Decision

Male conservative members of the media, as well as Republican men in office, decided to act like a bunch of adolescent jerks after SCOTUS made the announcement and released the decision.

Hypocrisy Alert: SCOTUS Keeps Its Own Buffer Zone While Telling Women They Don’t Need One

It is impossible to overlook the fact that women's reproductive rights have been systematically eroded with personhood amendments, TRAP laws and rape insurance mandates.

Supreme Court Says No to Gun Straw Purchases

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld a federal rule banning "straw purchases" of guns.

Republicans Around The Country Are On A Law breaking Rampage

There is a definite patten among Republicans of finding some means of of ignoring , breaking, or circumventing laws that they disagree with.