Analysis: Why the GOP Will Likely Lose Senate Control in 2020

Many people in Washington now believe that Republicans need to change their strategy in order to avoid losing control of the U.S. Senate after the 2020 elections.

Conservative Jennifer Rubin sounded the alarm for Republicans in her Washington Post column, but she is not the only one who is aware of the problem. She says that if GOP senators keep sucking up to Trump they face a potential senate wipeout in 2020. read more

Trump Is Radioactive So Many Republicans Want Nothing to Do With Him

Everybody knows that President Donald Trump has many enemies and detractors in the new Democratic-led House of Representatives.

But it’s now becoming apparent that many Republican members of Congress are also not fond of the president or his policies, and are looking for ways to distance themselves from him. The reason, they say, is to try to assure their own political survival in the future. read more

The People of Maine Are Already Suffering From Susan Collins Fallout

The sell-out vote of Susan Collins to confirm deranged Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is already causing hardship for her constituents in Maine.

Activists who are angry with Collins’s vote to confirm Kavanaugh say they will inflict economic damage on the Republican senator’s home state. They plan to boycott Maine products and cancel plans to vacation in the state. read more