Adam Schiff Hammers Trump For His un-American Security Clearance Enemies List

Rep. Adam Schiff saw through Trump's threat to take away national security clearance from several former national security officials to call it what it really is, a presidential enemies list.

Former National Security Official Calls For People To Act If Trump Strips Security Clearances

A former senior national security official told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace that people need to act if Trump moves to strip security clearances away from former officials who criticize him.

Susan Rice Just Obliterated The GOP Attempt To Blame Obama For The Russia Scandal

Former Obama senior adviser Susan Rice notified Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that she won't be testifying in front of the Senate as part of the Russia investigation. By not testifying, Rice destroyed the Republican hopes of distracting from Trump's potential crimes by blaming the Obama administration.

Top House Intel Democrat Adam Schiff Obliterates Trump Attempt To Distract From Russia Scandal

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) completely destroyed Trump's attempt to distract from the Russia scandal during an interview with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

Rep. Adam Schiff Dismisses Phony GOP Outrage Over Susan Rice As Just Another Trump Distraction

Schiff Russia

"No matter what the White House throws at us, we're going to be pressing forward."

National Security Expert Blows Trump’s ‘Unmasking’ Claims Out of the Water

"OF COURSE the National Security Advisor had questions about SIGINT regarding Trump's foreign ties. #duh"

Bipartisan National Security Experts File Brief Against ‘Ill-Conceived’ Muslim Ban

"In our professional opinion, this Order cannot be justified on national security or foreign policy grounds."

Opinion: Top Security Experts: Bannon on Security Council Is Truly Scary and Crazy

“Trump is unhinged and ignorant. Bannon is nuts and malicious. If not supervised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, their decisions could endanger the world.”

President Obama Says It’s Time To Stop Subsidizing Israeli Defense Industry

It's time for Israel to fund its own military and stop killing American jobs with a “special relationship” subsidizing its defense industry.

Can Obama Fix the Troubled Export of American Democracy to Latin America?

All too often, the export of democracy has looked a lot like the export of imperialism, and America's defense of freedom translated into right-wing dictatorships

House Report: No Benghazi Coverup. Republican Response? Broaden Investigation

in response to the House investigation proving there was no Benghazi coverup, Republicans, looking for a different answer want a Senate investigation

Republican Outrage Over The Bergdahl Release is More Proof Conservatives Hate The Troops

The current Republican outrage over the President negotiating the release of an American soldier held as a prisoner of war by the Taliban is both rank hypocrisy and further proof conservatives hate the men and women serving in the military.

The White House Smacks Around Fox News For Using Susan Rice to Revive Benghazi

Ed Henry of Fox News tried to use Susan Rice's appointment to revive the Benghazi conspiracy, but was immediately smacked down White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Obama’s Double In Your Face Appointments Suggest He’s Done with GOP Obstruction

President Obama's appointments of Rice and Powers suggest he's all done negotiating with Republicans.

Obama Jabs Republicans By Calling Susan Rice a Patriot Who Puts Country First

While introducing National Security Adviser appointee Susan Rice, President Obama took a jab at Republicans by describing her as a patriot who puts her country first.

Critics on Both Sides Distort Obama’s White Male Cabinet Problem

Should we worry about Obama's white male cabinet appointments? How about we wait and see what his cabinet looks like before we complain

Conservatives Are Dreaming of a ‘White’ Christmas

Conservatives are dreaming of a 'white' Christmas, and that is all Christmas really is to them: a means to an end that has no role for Jesus

John McCain Completely Humiliates Himself Defending his Benghazi Obama Witch Hunt

John McCain went on the friendly airwaves of Fox News Sunday, and proceeded to completely embarrass himself with a factually inaccurate and desperate attempt to further his Benghazi witch hunt.

Fox News Uses Racist Code Words To Attack Obama and Susan Rice

Fox News put their racist dog whistle on high today as they claimed that it would be arrogant for President Obama to nominate Susan Rice to be secretary of state.