Pollster Sees No Early Impact From Comey Clinton FBI Email Letter In Swing States

A pollster who is in the field in two swing states is reporting that he is seeing no early impact from the FBI reviewing new emails in the Hillary Clinton investigation in two swing states.

4 New Polls Suggest That Republicans Are On The Cusp Of A Total Election Disaster

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Four new swing state polls of North Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, and Virginia reveal that Donald Trump is leading in none of them as Republicans are on the verge of complete disaster.

Barrage Of Swing State Polls Make Trump’s Bad Day Even Better For Hillary Clinton

As Donald Trump drowns in an endlessly bad news cycle, a new batch of swing state polls just made Hillary Clinton's good day even better.

Hillary Clinton Gets A Big Debate Bounce And Takes The Lead In Florida and North Carolina

New swing state polling from PPP shows that Hillary Clinton got a big debate bounce in swing states, and now leads in North Carolina and Florida.

Republicans Devastated By New Polls Showing Clinton Routing Trump In 4 Swing States

A new batch of NBC News/Marist polls of Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by big margins in each key swing state.

Here’s Where The 2016 Race Stands After A Day Full Of New Swing-State Polls

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There wasn’t much in the results to indicate a significant shift in the trajectory of the race. Hillary Clinton is still the clear favorite.

Clinton Has Huge Leads Over Trump In Latest Batch Of Swing-State Polling

Hillary Clinton swing-state polling

These are Clinton's biggest statewide polling leads of the campaign and reflect similar national results that show her with a solid seven-point lead over Trump.

Obama Leads Romney in 14 of 16 Swing State Polls Released Today

From New Hampshire to Colorado, President Obama leads Mitt Romney in 14 of the 16 battleground state polls released today.