Fox News Personality Mark Levin Goes on Absurd Rant, Claims Taliban “Gave Safe Harbor to Obama”

Fox News personality Mark Levin claimed that the Taliban, which has over the last few days seized control of Afghanistan,…

1 year ago

Critics Savage Trump’s “Peace Deal” As U.S. Launches Airstrike Against Taliban

United States military officials earlier this morning confirmed that they've launched an airstrike against the Taliban in Afghanistan mere days…

3 years ago

Republicans Say Pompeo And Trump Lied About Afghanistan Peace Deal

House Republicans, like Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) say that the classified documents on the Taliban don't contain what the White…

3 years ago

Trump Admits He Considered Bringing The Taliban To The White House

Trump admits that he considered bringing the Taliban to the White House before 9/11, but he was worried about bad…

3 years ago

Rep. Ted Lieu Exposes Trump’s Total Failure In Afghanistan

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) explained that Trump is so desperate for an agreement to end the war in Afghanistan because…

3 years ago

Fox News Rips Trump For Secret Summit With Taliban Before 9/11

Fox News's Chris Wallace asked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who thought it eas a good idea to meet with…

3 years ago

John McCain Embraces Sarah Palin’s Stupidity and Blame Obama Dysfunction

These reckless, insulting comments have become commonplace for McCain because he cares more about shifting blame than keeping Americans safe.

7 years ago

Minority White Christians’ Religious War On the Constitution

There is a misconception among ignorant Americans that this nation was founded on the tenets of the bible and is…

8 years ago

Bishops Join GOP Drive To Make Women Celibate Or Birth Machines

American Catholic bishops are taking advantage of the power bestowed on them by the conservative Catholics on the Supreme Court…

8 years ago

Obama Condemns Terrorist Massacre Of Hundreds Of Children and Teachers In Pakistan

After an eight hour siege in which terrorists massacred children and teachers, President Obama strongly condemned their depravity and reiterated…

8 years ago

McConnell Promises Republicans Will Escalate The Religious War on Women

Now, the Republicans' first order of business with Mitch McConnell sharing Senate Majority Leader duties with Ted Cruz is precisely…

8 years ago

Obama Is Right Let Iraq Deal With ISIS As a Sovereign Nation

President Obama is right; Iraq can secure their own country's future" and "fight for their own country" against ISIS.

8 years ago

Why Republicans Want America To Forget 9/11

It is unlikely any American over the age of three or four will forget 911, but it is highly likely…

8 years ago

Church Decides To Raffle Off AR-15 Rifles To Boost Attendance

Just when you thought you have seen everything, this pops up. A church is leading their flock to Jesus by…

9 years ago

Dick Cheney Claims Obama Is ‘Dead Wrong’ On Iraq While Rand Paul Insists Cheney Is To Blame

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday to discuss the recent violence in…

9 years ago

Plea To The Mainstream Media — Can You Please Cut Off John McCain’s Mic?

On Friday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) appeared on five different cable news shows to discuss the recent flare up of…

9 years ago

Conservative Racists Are Attacking the Bergdahl Family for Associating With Obama

The giveaway that all the animus toward Sergeant Bergdahl is based in conservative racism usually reserved for people of color,…

9 years ago

Rand Paul ‘Jokes’ That We Should Trade Away Hillary Clinton, Not Taliban Prisoners

During an appearance at the Texas GOP convention on Friday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) decided to make a little topical…

9 years ago

No End Game: How the Treatment of Bowe Bergdahl Will Destroy the Republican Party

Republicans refuse to let Barack Obama have any political victories. However, by attacking a United States soldier Republicans have signed…

9 years ago

Conservative Media’s Lack Of Empathy For Bowe Bergdahl And His Family Is Sickening

Republicans in Washington and the right-wing media decided to push all-in by claiming the President had negotiated with terrorists and…

9 years ago

Republicans Shouting Impeachment Have Reached Critical State Of Obama Derangement Syndrome

A few days after the President of the United States announced that our last prisoner of war, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl,…

9 years ago

Fox News Hosts Classlessly Claim That Bergdahl’s Dad Looks Like He’s A Taliban Member

Apparently, the talking heads over at Fox News have now decided to attack the father of recovered POW Sgt. Bowe…

9 years ago

That Just Happened! Fox News Columnist Likens Gitmo Prisoner Release To Nazi Germany

On Monday, Fox News columnist J.D. Gordon wrote an article that cranked the hyperbole up to 11, as the former…

9 years ago

Republican Outrage Over The Bergdahl Release is More Proof Conservatives Hate The Troops

The current Republican outrage over the President negotiating the release of an American soldier held as a prisoner of war…

9 years ago

The Religious Right Is Using Hatred To Try To Fundamentally Transform America

There is a relatively large contingent of disgruntled citizens who seriously hate this country with a passion, and yet instead…

9 years ago

Right-Wing Nut And Disgraced Former Navy Chaplain Wants To Kill Liberals?

Dr. "Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt, a disgraced former Navy chaplain, instructed his followers to arm themselves from "left winged crazies" after…

9 years ago

Kansas Republicans Violate The Constitution By Passing Anti-Gay Segregation Law

The Kansas House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a piece of legislation crafted to legalize anti-gay segregation under the guise…

9 years ago

Barack Obama Is Nothing Like The Tax and Spend Liberal That Ronald Reagan Was

In nearly every respect, President Obama is nothing like the tax-and-spend liberal Ronald Reagan was, and is not even close…

9 years ago

The Republicans Are Still Blaming Obama for Iraq and Afghanistan

it was not Obama who invaded Iraq on a fabricated pretext and with an army designed to fight not an…

9 years ago

Osama Bin Boehner and the Republican Party Are The Real Terror Threat To America

It is safe to say most Americans expect Islamic extremists to launch terror attacks against innocent American citizens, but it…

9 years ago

Navy Seals Are Not Dominionists’ Rescue Squads

In addition to the mandatory attendance requirements at events sponsored by, and performed on, military campuses everywhere - there are…

10 years ago

Richard Mourdock’s Extremist Views Are Shared by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Richard Mourdock's so-called extremist view is the mainstream position of the Republican Party including the party's presidential ticket.

10 years ago

Taliban? Talibangelical? They Both Hate Women

It is no surprise that Talibangelicals can compare women to livestock, as State Rep. Terry England did recently in Georgia.…

11 years ago