White House Can’t Answer How Mexico Tariffs Will Help Immigration

When they were asked, the White House couldn't answer how new tariffs on Mexico would stop migrants from crossing the Southern border.

Trump’s Ignorance of Global Realities Is Trampling the Working Class

The “then what” is that Trump’s insistence he can make up the rules when he doesn’t own the ball is inflicting devastating damage on farmers and workers in the U.S. and on the U.S. economy overall.T

Trump’s Trade War To Kill 20,000 Jobs In The US Beer Industry

Trump's tariff on aluminum is projected to cost 20,000 Americans their jobs in beer-related industries and impose a beer tax each year.

Wall Street Journal Trashes Trump on Trade Tariffs Causing Real and Growing Damage

In an editorial entitled  The Trade Casualties Mount,” the editorial board of the conservative Wall Street Journal harshly criticized the trade policies of President Donald Trump and his trade representative Peter Navarro. read more

To Fire Up His Base, Trump Declares War on Corporate America

To win election, Donald Trump positioned himself as a Washington outsider, as a candidate who would never take corporate money, and as a new type of political leader who would “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.. read more

The Ticking Time Bomb of Trump’s Tariff Trade War Is About to Explode

One thing lost in all the bad news for Donald Trump over the past week has been the looming trade war with China which has been called a “ticking time bomb” that is set to explode later this summer.  However when it comes to the actual impact on people’s lives — especially millions of Trump voters — his tariffs and the trade war will be much more important than what happens on the Mexican border. read more

Trump’s Tariffs Are Giving the Blues to Red State Farmers

Perhaps the group of voters hurt most by Trump’s tariff announcements have been farmers in states that voted for Trump in 2016.  And since many of these states have senators up for reelection in November, the ill-advised tariffs might possibly cost the GOP control of the U.S. Senate. read more

Conservatives’ Hypocrisy Places Party Over Country

Often, when comparing the current occupant of our Oval Office to his predecessor, Barack Obama, I inevitably receive a healthy dose of criticism arguing how my doing so “plays into the hands of Donald J. Trump” while normalizing his behavior. read more

Trump Tries to Tank Stock Market With $100 Billion of New China Tariffs

For some unknown reason Donald Trump is trying to simultaneously undermine stock markets while at the same time eliminating millions of jobs in the red states that were his biggest supporters in 2016.

On Thursday Trump said he’s planning another $100 billion in tariffs on Chinese imported goods which increases the prospects of an ongoing and increasingly serious trade war with the largest country in the world. read more

Business Groups Warn of Disaster if Trump Imposes Tariffs on China

On Friday President Trump is expected to announce a new round of tariffs on Chinese goods that could amount to $60 billion per year. Business leaders are saying this could create a chain reaction that could lead to an economic disaster for the United States. read more

Trump’s Pick Of Larry Kudlow For Chief Economic Advisor Is Horrific

It has been four-hundred and eighteen days since Donald Trump has been sworn into office as President. Since that time, Americans have been treated to what is aptly described as a reality-show presidency with all of the trappings. Each day brings new revelations about Trump’s campaign and its possible and likely involvement with Russia in order to secure the highest office in the land. Each morning Americans are treated to a host of Tweets, now considered part of the Presidential record, sent out to whomever it is Trump is targeting on that particular day. read more

Opinion: Trump’s Trade Stupidity May Fatally Injure the Coal Industry

“In trying to land a blow on the Canadian timber industry, Trump may have knocked out the Western coal industry ... this could bring them to their knees.”

Trump Had No Use for Economic Numbers Until He Started a Trade War with Canada

Trump makes a big deal of low economic growth in 2016 but that economic growth was growing in the last 3 months of the Obama presidency

Justin Trudeau Forced To Explain Economics To Trump As He Threatens Trade War With Canada

Trump Trudeau

Trump failed to get his Mexico-funded wall along the southern border, so now he's threatening a trade war with our allies to the north.

Business Community Is Shocked and Alarmed That Trump Conned Them

Washington business interests are “shocked and alarmed” that Trump’s transition team is “defending new tariffs" Trump pledged to impose.

Wall St. Economic Expert’s Warning Should Terrify All But Rich Americans

Trump’s economic plan will confer vast monetary gains on the very wealthiest Americans while leaving Trump’s electoral base further behind.