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Opinion: Is the Opposite of Warren’s “Socialism” an Anti-American, Fraudulent Capitalism?

Imagine picking up a newspaper, or scrolling through your favorite internet news source, and coming across articles with headlines such…

3 years ago

The Panama Papers Show it’s Time for ‘No Representation Without Taxation’

The Panama Papers reveal how the elite work against us. If our cry should not be "off with their heads!"…

6 years ago

The Panama Papers Reveal all Our Worst Fears of the 1 Percent Are True

If anything is likely to push people into the arms of the Democratic Party, it is the revelations contained in…

6 years ago

Should We Worry About 3,000 Americans Turning in Their Passports Because of Tax Law?

In the end, it isn't the 1 percent who are leaving the United States, but their money.

8 years ago

A Brief Summary of Corporate Depravity Shows How They Earn Our Contempt

It is all too easy to find corporate malfeasance. It is the basis of their nasty reputations, and the reason…

9 years ago