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‘Soaking the Rich’ is Not Radical, It’s Now a Mainstream Idea

‘Soaking the Rich’ is Not Radical, It’s Now a Mainstream Idea

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman made the case this morning that Americans are very open to raising taxes on the…

5 years ago

Media Intentionally Hides Republicans’ Economic Failures And Democrats’ Success

t is true that Republican policies are why Americans are rapidly losing economic ground to the few wealthy elites, but…

9 years ago

Get the Facts on President Obama’s Middle Class Tax Cut Plan

The following is a summation of President Obama's tax code proposals as well as a PDF fact sheet, both as…

9 years ago

It’s Time to Kill the Absurd Notion That Cutting Taxes on the Rich Grows The Economy

Ronald Reagan has been dead for over nine years and it is time to kill his absurd notion that cutting…

10 years ago

2 years ago Fox News called taxing the rich immoral. One Obama reelection later, they support it.

On Fox News Sunday, Bill Kristol floated a Fox News complete cave on taxing the rich, 'It won't kill the…

11 years ago

Obama Uses Jobs Number To Renew Call For Raising Taxes On The Wealthy

After President Obama gave his statement on the decrease in unemployment, he once again called for a tax increase on…

12 years ago