Seriously? Gary Cohn Blames Congress for Trump Breaking Campaign Promise to Repeal Carried Interest Loophole

One hallmark of Donald Trump’s presidency to date has been his ignorant blustering about the office he holds, notoriously over-reaching in his assertions of power and bumping up against the checks and balances our founders put in place precisely to protect our democratic institutions against bullying tyrants such as Trump has proven himself to be. read more

Trump Is Profiting From The Presidency As Taxpayers Had To Pay Tens Of Thousands To Mar-a-Lago

Using taxpayer dollars to live the high life appears to be commonplace for those working in the Trump administration.

Trump’s Failure to Pay Taxes is Deeply at Odds with the Nation’s Founding Values

Ignoring the greater good, Trump has shown himself to be far more interested in using the people’s government to serve his private interests

Republicans Make Louisiana’s Poor Pay For Jindal’s Economic Damage

Republican legislators will eliminate what little money the poor subsist on and raise the state’s sales tax by 25 percent through 2018

Republican Redux: Governor Bruce Rauner Brings Ruin to Illinois: Part I of a Series Covering Illinois Politics

Rauner is falling in with the strategy we have seen from Sam Brownback in Kansas, Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and Rick Snyder in Michigan

Debunking the GOP’s Obamacare Tax Meme Again

obama aca 11.4 million signups

An old Republican lie about Obamacare and taxes is making the rounds again, so as a public service, here is a handy antidote

Scott Walker Is Trying to Mortgage Wisconsin’s Future to Fund his White House Bid

Scott Walker's lack of popularity in Wisconsin is certainly noticeable, but Walker's problem right now is his budget, which Wisconsin Republicans say is looking tailored more for out-of-state Republicans like voters in Iowa, than for Wisconsin.

President Obama Runs Up Big Wins In His Crackdown On Mitt Romneyesque Tax Cheats

The mainstream press has ignored it, but President Obama has racked up a series of major victories against the wealthiest Americans who try to hide money overseas in order to avoid paying taxes.

Right Wing Christians Tell The Poor To Kiss The Ground Beneath The Feet Of the 1%

Jesus never instructed his disciples, and there is nothing in the Gospels, remotely resembling Jesus Christ instructing anyone to revere the rich or kiss the ground they walk on, but Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association thinks that is what Jesus wanted and counselled Americans receiving government services to "kiss the ground beneath the feet of the one percent."

The Bush Presidential Library, Museum and Think Tank. Think Tank?

Thursday marks the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, not to mention a think tank. What a waste of money.

Mark Sanford Sinks His Own House Campaign. Can Elizabeth Colbert-Busch Take Advantage?

More troubles for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District candidate, Mark Sanford. He'll face a judge after his special election. This presents an opportunity for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch

An Old Foe Is Returning in 2014, and He Could Defeat Nikki Haley

In all likelihood the 2014 South Carolina Governor's race is going to be a replay of the 2010 race, not good news for incumbent Nikki Haley

There Must be a Better Way to Compromise Than By Bringing Fiscal Harm to Seniors

POTUS Obama has revived a plan that will cost those who can least afford it, money. Elderly seniors could lose up to $1,000 monthly by 85.

What the DINOs In The Senate Have Really Cost Us

The five Democrats who killed the assault weapons ban will further embolden the million caliber wackjobs to make this the most dangerous county on the planet, wars notwithstanding.

ALEC Education Bill Hides Privatization Behind a Reading Skills Disguise

An increasing number of states have passed a bill whose main component is increasing reading skills. It's really another privatizing effort

An Examination of a Legit Defense Expenditure Would Out a Number Of Illegitimate Money-Wasters

The U.S. has an enormous number of military personnel and weaponry in the U.S. territory of Guam. It's legit, but are other 'occupations?'

No Harm, No Foul as Rich Folks Have No Reason To Fear Sequestration

On March 1st a decision will be made that could impact millions for at least 9 years. Jobs will be lost and people will go hungry, but not the rich.

Calling all Right Wing ‘Patriots’ Please Identify All the Freedoms You’ve Lost

Right wing "patriots" are constantly complaining of losing their freedoms and liberty. I would ask what these freedoms and liberties are.

The Romney Effect: States Lose $39.8 Billion Due to Offshore Tax Avoidance

The need to close corporate loopholes becomes even more apparent as a new study reveals that states lost $39.8 billion from offshore tax dodging in 2011.