Santa Claus Comes to the West Wing with Lame Duck Goodies

1600 Pennsylvania Ave was busy this week; you’d almost think Santa came with his bag full of goodies for the American people. In spite of threats of Republican obstructionism and Democratic betrayal, the President and the legislators managed to make this Christmas one to celebrate for a variety of reasons even as our country struggles under the slow economy and resulting job losses. This was indeed the Lame Duck that roared for the People.

Joe Scarborough Squeals Over Trickle-Down Con Man Chris Christie

“The day of reckoning is here!” Announces New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a theatrical voice dripping with doom. Joe Scarborough loves him for it, squealing that Chris Christie makes him feel like a 14 year old girl at a Beatles concert. Nothing spells GOP recovery like a suffering American economy. And nothing says desperate party like pushing Chris Christie as the next great white hope.

Senate Democrats Prove Worthless to Obama in Tax Cut Debate

Despite standing up in front of the media and proclaiming their outrage over the possibility of compromising with Republicans on the issue of extending the Bush tax cuts, Senate Democrats again demonstrated their ineptitude by not being able to get the support of the entire caucus for limiting the tax cuts to total income of $250,000 or less. The all talk no unity Democrats have now forced the same compromise that they claim to hate.

President Obama Screwed You. Wait, No He Didn’t

All the rage, all the buzz, is how Obama screwed us all and no one, and I mean no one, likes him anymore! Hey, Obama, you suck! Give us the permanent tax cuts or else, and do not give them to anyone else. We mean it! Cut to the quiet clarification in the afternoon that all of the hysteria was for naught. No need to kill ourselves yet. Oh, is it too late? Gee, sorry. It was for a good cause.

The Tale of the Weepy Orangeman

In the wake of the 2010 midterm elections it is important to know who John Boehner is and what it will mean to have him as Speaker of the House. Obviously,there are some concerns with Boehner’s very old-fashioned, shall we say…conservative…positions. One might say ULTRA conservative.