Democrats Beware: Ideological Purity is Un-Democratic

There is room for us all. The problem is not the wildly variant views we hold, but those who insist that only they are the real Democrats

Despite Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Pledge, Koch-Republicans Will Block Infrastructure Spending

It is likely that Senator Sanders was sending a message to the Koch brothers that regardless they currently control government spending, he intends on appealing to the people for support to invest in America. Something Republicans oppose regardless Americans' lives have been lost and are increasingly in danger due to America's substandard transportation infrastructure.

Pat Robertson Says if We Keep Mocking Him, God Will Smack Us Down

There are a whole bunch of fundamentalists who are upset we don't take them seriously, which means, of course, that I will keep mocking them

Proof That Bigots Are Not the Best and Brightest

If you listen to the anti-gay rhetoric coming from the GOP, you realize just how desperately hateful and stupid these people are

Delusional Michele Bachmann Thinks President Obama Has Virtually Guaranteed World War III

In a radio interview, former GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asserted that President Obama's policies will lead to World War III.

The Newest “Joe the Plumber” Washes Up On The Shore

I could be wrong, but I suspect Louis Jordan will be sailing into murky political waters very soon.

Michele Bachmann Is Still Bonkers, Compares Obama To Deranged Germanwings Co-Pilot

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) compared President Obama to Andreas Lubitz, the deranged German co-pilot who crashed Germanwings Flight 9525, on her Facebook page Tuesday. Bachmann posted: read more

Florida Republican Slayer Rep. Patrick Murphy Launches Bid To Take Rubio’s Senate Seat

Murphy's candidacy gives the Democrats strong odds of winning the Senate seat held by Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

Koch-Funded Professor Publicly Calls For Less Democracy

A university professor heavily funded by the Koch brothers has very publicly and openly called for less democracy to reduce the power of the majority.

Republican Congressman Peter King Slams Self-Righteous Delusional Wing Of His Party

Appearing on Luke Russert’s online MSNBC TV program, Shift, New York Congressman Peter King (R) slammed fellow House Republicans for not simply banding together to pass a clean funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security. King made it clear that he was fed up with Tea Party Republicans playing politics with Homeland Security funding. The New York Congressman declared: ”This madness has to end soon…I’ve had it with this self-righteous, delusional wing of the party.” read more

Marco Rubio Flip Flops On Immigration Reform, Recasts Himself As Border Hawk At CPAC

Friday morning, at CPAC, Senator Rubio told an audience that he had learned that his previous support for immigration reform was a mistake.

Alaska Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, Prompting Sarah Palin’s Town To Ban Pot Brownies

Libertarian-style conservatism has its limits in the town that launched Sarah Palin's career. They draw the line at pot brownies.

Marco Rubio Laughingly Accuses Obama’s Policies of Being Bad for the Nation

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) tried to walk a finer line when asked to respond to Giuliani's remarks. He demonstrated how to be weak and spineless while playing more subtly with Palin fire.

The Koch Agenda Brings Pain And Woe To People In Republican Controlled Red States

Because they own most of the Republican state's governors and legislatures, it is there that the Kochs' ideology is doing the most damage that their GOP surrogates are unrepentant about.

Jon Stewart On Sarah Palin: She “Doesn’t Believe In Your Liberal Elitist Grammar And Syntax”

During Monday night's episode of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart skewered former GOP Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin's incoherent speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Emerges As The Republican Candidate To Fear Most

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker impressed the crowds at the Iowa Freedom Summit. Democrats cannot afford to underestimate him.

Sarah Palin Knows How to Beat Hillary – Accuse Her of a Bunch of Stuff!

"You know, reverse them. It is they who point a finger who don't realize they have triple that number of fingers pointing right back at them"

Jon Stewart Scorches Rand Paul And Ted Cruz Over Their State Of The Union Responses

During Wednesday night's broadcast of The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart took aim at the multiple Republican responses to this year's State of the Union address.

Charlie Hebdo Has Republicans Getting Their Crazy On in 2015

Charlie Hebdo tells Republicans that people who don't look like Fox News hosts should be killed, or at the very least, expelled from the US

Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s Coup Against John Boehner Gets Just Three Votes

Despite the backing of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, Louie Gohmert received just three votes in his bid to unseat House Speaker Boehner.