Tea Party

Opinion: Let Republicans Help Defeat Trump, but Don’t Be Fooled

The Lincoln Project republicans came out in full force last December, declaring in a New York Times op-ed their mission…

2 years ago

Opinion: The Cultural Roots of Americans’ Failing Coronavirus Response Date Back To Thoreau and Emerson

Noted nineteenth-century American writer Henry David Thoreau, opens his 1849 essay “Resistance to Civil Government,” one of the most famous…

3 years ago

Republicans Mad About Spending Bill Want To Take Away Children’s Healthcare

Many right-wing conservative tea party Republicans in Congress were mad when Congress passed a budget and spending bill greatly increasing…

4 years ago

Erick Erickson Says Gays Make People Uncomfortable and Should Expect to be Assaulted

If intolerant white males have the right to respond violently solely on account of your appearance, you don't really have…

5 years ago

Donald Trump’s War Against the GOP Establishment Has Breitbart Written All Over it

Fox News' Laura Ingraham complains, "The Republican Party is led by people who have more in common with the Clintons…

6 years ago

Joe Walsh Warns ‘This is now war. Watch out Obama. Real America is Coming After You’

“3 Dallas Cops killed, 7 wounded. This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real…

6 years ago

Kentucky Gubernatorial Election Should Be A Wake Up Call For Democrats

Now if only Democrats would make a special effort to demonstrate to moderates that a major contributor to this country's…

7 years ago

Whining Kochs Admit They Expect Results After Buying Republicans In Government

The Kochs want to convince Americans that they really love America. They just hate that America has a government they…

7 years ago

The Koch Brothers Complain About Buying Low Quality Republicans Who Lack Substance

The Koch brothers have no right to complain about the tone of Republican politics because it is exactly what they…

7 years ago

GOP Extremism Is Not Palin’s Fault – Former W.H. Chief of Staff Is Mistaken

William M. Daly mistakenly claims the GOP's "insanity" began when Senator John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his running…

7 years ago

Americans Reject Republican Extremism As Tea Party Support Hits Record Low

Support for the tea party has hit a record low, as the American people are finished with the extremist right…

7 years ago

Can Trump Be Tea Party Savior as Support for Tea Party Reaches New Low?

Donald Trump is popular, he calls himself a Tea Partier, but the Tea Party is less popular today than ever…

7 years ago

Ted Cruz and His Mad Scramble for the Hate Vote

Ted Cruz picked up the endorsement of notorious bigot Sandy Rios, wowed the haters at a Texas megachurch, and won…

7 years ago

House Freedom Caucus Document Explains Why the House Is Ungovernable

The recent revelation of a House Freedom Caucus 'questionnaire for prospective candidates for the Speakers' position clears up why Republicans…

7 years ago

A Tea Party Fascist Will Be Second In Line To the Presidency By Halloween

The two leading candidates for House speaker are mirror images and both will dutifully follow the Ted Cruz shut-down-the-government agenda

7 years ago

Republicans Appear Fractured, But They Are Far From Broken

Where they have "failed to achieve Republican goals" is in establishing a theocracy, eliminating taxation and 98 percent of the…

7 years ago

Libertarians Demonstrate That The GOP Isn’t The Only Clown Show In Florida Politics

Florida Libertarian Senate candidate August us Sol Invictus is bound to be an embarrassment for the Libertarian Party.

7 years ago

Boehner’s Departure Opens The Door For Tea Party Crazies to Take The Wheel

With the tea party taking the wheel, the crazies can move forward with their plan to dismantle functioning government.

7 years ago

Frontman Michael Stipe Tells Trump to F-Off After Using R.E.M. Song

A Tea Party rally was the perfect venue for Trump again mindlessly unleashing an angry response by being really, really…

7 years ago

Tea Party Insurgent Kelli Ward Leads John McCain In Arizona GOP Senate Race Poll

A Kelli Ward victory over McCain would increase the odds for Democrat Rep. Kirkpatrick to win the general election and…

7 years ago