Tennessee GOP Boots Trump Endorsed Candidate Out Of Primary

A Trump endorsed House candidate in Tennessee has been booted from the Republican primary because she didn't meet the residency…

6 months ago

Thanks To Anti-Mask Governor Bill Lee 1/3rd of New Tennessee COVID Cases Are Kids

In some parts of the country, notably, the American South, school has already started. And many red state governors are…

1 year ago

Former Tennessee Medical Official: White, Rural Males Won’t Get Vaccinated Because They Think It Would Make the Left Happy

Donald Trump really wanted to get the credit for vaccines hitting the country within a year of the COVID-19 pandemic.…

1 year ago

Tennessee Plans to Withhold Millions of Dollars in State Funding from Schools That Teach Critical Race Theory

The state of Tennessee has plans to withhold millions of dollars in state funding from schools that violate a recently…

1 year ago

Tennessee Sends $500K to Farmers to Vaccinate Cows But Won’t Incentivize Covid Vaccines Among Humans

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) has authorized sending more than $500,000 to farmers to vaccinate their cattle "against respiratory diseases…

1 year ago

Tennessee Lawmakers Propose Bill That Would Grant Fathers Veto Power Over Abortion Without Pregnant Woman’s Consent

Senator Mark Pody and Representative Jerry Sexton (R-Tenn.) have proposed a measure that would grant fathers veto power over abortion…

2 years ago

Tenn. Senator Marsha Blackburn Is in a Twitter Feud With a Chinese Journalist

Marsha Blackburn has always been one of the more bombastic lawmakers on the hill. Her opinions can draw strong reactions…

2 years ago

Blue Wave Hits Tennessee As Democrat Has 5 Point Lead In Senate Race

A Nashville newspaper has reported that there is a new poll in Tennessee showing former Democratic governor Phil Bredesen holding…

5 years ago

White nationalists stage anti-refugee protests in Tennessee

About 300 white nationalists and neo-Nazis took to the streets of the small Tennessee city of Shelbyville on Saturday to…

5 years ago

Huge Crowds In Deep Red Tennessee Turn Out To Protest Trump Campaign Visit

Trump was met with huge crowds of protesters voicing their opposition to his visit to Nashville and his dangerous agenda.

6 years ago

Hillary Clinton Sweeps Through the South with Wins in Alabama and Tennessee

Hillary Clinton swept through the South with wins in Alabama and Tennessee, building on her earlier wins in Georgia and…

7 years ago

GOP Ready For Another Defeat as Rep. Blackburn Will Lead Abortion Investigation

U.S. GOP Rep Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) will head a select investigative panel on "big abortion providers".

7 years ago

Apparently, Refusing to Stone Gays Means You’re Not a Christian

Of course, the pastor saying this also needs to be stoned for not following the Law of Moses

7 years ago

The 21st Century Koch-Christian Crusade Is Killing Thousands Of Americans

The common demand from the religious right is "show just one instance of Christians killing anyone NOW," not 1,000, 60,…

8 years ago

Tennessee Woman In Body Armor Shoots Up Suburban Neighborhood

A middle-aged Tennessee woman is under arrest after she drove around a suburban Chattanooga neighborhood, inexplicably shooting at people.

8 years ago

Tea Party Nation Says #Whitelivesmatter

According to Judson Phillips, because a black youth shot at a police officer, and the black youth killed, #whitelivesmatter

8 years ago

Conservative Lawmaker Arrested Twice Over Weekend For Stalking And Threatening Neighbor

It was a busy weekend for Tennessee State Senator Jim Summerville. The outgoing lawmaker, who lost in the Republican primary…

8 years ago

Republican VW Union Busting Victory Turns Into a Major Defeat For The GOP

By blocking the workforce's efforts at creating a works council at the Chattanooga plant, Republicans also blocked VW expansion for…

9 years ago

Reality Bites Pentecostal Snake Handler

Apparently, a better name for reality TV series Snake Salvation would have been When Faith Meets Reality (You Will Hear…

9 years ago