The Republican Party Is On the Run and Abandoning the Michigan Senate Race

The national Republican Party is pulling out of the Michigan Senate race, and trying to spin their retreat as a "move of strength." But anyone who lives in Michigan has been privy to Terri Lynn Land's (R) rather spectacular fail.

Conservative Poll Shows Republican Senator Pat Roberts Down By Five Points In Kansas Race

The chest-thumping and boasting that we heard from the GOP earlier in the year about the likelihood of the party taking over the Senate has quieted down dramatically in the last few days as bad news keeps spilling in for Republicans.

GOP Scuffling In Swing State As Democrat Gary Peters Up 10 Points In Michigan Senate Race

A poll released by the Detroit News on Tuesday gave Republicans some bad news regarding their efforts to overtake the Senate from Democrats in November. Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) currently holds a ten-point lead over Republican Terri Lynn Land, 47% to 37%, in Michigan's open US Senate race.

Michigan GOP’s ‘We Understand Women’ Photo-Op Goes Down In Flames

Republican lawmakers' plan to show how well they understand women instead proves how little they understand.