Opinion: A Clear Racist Undertone Runs Through Trump’s Response To Terrorism in Las Vegas

The anatomy of reporting on mass shootings depends on the perpetrator’s race. If the shooter was a white male, like Stephen Paddock, we are urged to wait for the facts. We don’t assume that mass shooting was a terrorist act when the shooter is white.

Opinion: Report Concludes that Trump’s Climate Denial Aids Terrorist Recruitment Efforts

A little over a year ago some high-level person in ISIS penned a treatise explaining precisely what Western nations (America) should do to aid in the terror group’s recruitment efforts. As sure as the Sun rises in the East, Donald Trump took the terror organization’s pleas for help to heart and has religiously followed every instruction to the letter. Now it turns out that Trump’s rejection of science, particularly climate science, is yet another means of “strengthening recruitment efforts” of groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. read more

Silence on San Bernardino School Shooting Speaks Shuddering the Soul

American gun violence

That this this school shooting went by without any substantive cries to address our nation’s gun culture and safety laws, especially regarding domestic abusers, is another indictment against this impervious predicament.