Opinion: SCOTUS Unleashes Reign of Terror on Americans

We have to recognize that the Supreme Court is now currently operating not just as an enabler of domestic terrorism…

3 months ago

Breaking: A Texas Man With Guns and Ammo Was Arrested Outside of Kamala Harris’ Residence

On January 6th, an insurrection occurred at the US Capitol. Thankfully, many of the terrorists were unarmed. They had to…

2 years ago

Nicolle Wallace: Republicans Want to Fight Terrorism as Long as Trump Supporters Aren’t Involved

From Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, the GOP has long presented itself as the party of "law…

2 years ago

Investigators seeking suspicious package addressed to ex-Vice President Biden: official

U.S. federal investigators are trying to track down a suspicious package they believe was addressed to former Vice President Joe…

4 years ago

I Don’t Think Terrorism Is The Problem Here: Church Hosting Roy Moore Worried About Al-Qaeda Attack

A church that will be hosting alleged pedophile Roy Moore is placing restrictions on how cameras can film because they…

5 years ago

Shameful Trump Refuses To Stop Politicizing NY Attack With New Anti-Immigration Twitter Video

In the wake of the terrorist attack in New York City that left eight people dead, Donald Trump refuses to…

5 years ago

Opinion: A Clear Racist Undertone Runs Through Trump’s Response To Terrorism in Las Vegas

The anatomy of reporting on mass shootings depends on the perpetrator’s race. If the shooter was a white male, like…

5 years ago

Charlottesville Violence Is Exactly What America Is Under Donald Trump

Though the majority of Americans do not condone the racially driven terrorism we saw in Charlottesville this weekend, this is…

5 years ago

Tragedy In England As 20 Reportedly Killed And Hundreds Injured In Concert Explosion

The situation is still developing and it's still not clear whether the incident is terror-related.

5 years ago

Opinion: Report Concludes that Trump’s Climate Denial Aids Terrorist Recruitment Efforts

A little over a year ago some high-level person in ISIS penned a treatise explaining precisely what Western nations (America)…

5 years ago

Silence on San Bernardino School Shooting Speaks Shuddering the Soul

That this this school shooting went by without any substantive cries to address our nation’s gun culture and safety laws,…

5 years ago

White House In Turmoil As Voters Feel Trump Is Failing On Every Major Issue

What do the economy, health care, terrorism, and immigration have in common? They're all issues Trump is failing on, according…

6 years ago

Opinion: Trump’s Domestic Religious Crusade Has Begun in Earnest

The deliberate omission of white extremist attacks is necessary for Trump to convince Americans that the only one thing they…

6 years ago

Trump Issues Reckless, Anti-Muslim Statement Following Berlin Truck Attack

Blaming an entire religion for the senseless violence of a few is a whole lot easier than actually knowing what…

6 years ago

Trump Says We Have No Choice, a Muslim Student’s Emotional Appeal Shows We Do

Trump asks, "Do we really have a choice?" to which Aleena Khan says, "And all I ask is for acceptance…

6 years ago

Minnesota Police Chief Bravely Rejects Fox News Invite to Hate Chorus on Immigrants

"I can tell you that the vast majority of all of our citizens, no matter their ethnicity, are fine, hard-working…

6 years ago

Trump’s Response to Weekend Terror Short on Facts, Long on Shameless Self-Promotion

The fact is, the system worked this weekend - stabber shot dead, a man sought in connection with bombing, and…

6 years ago

Giuliani Forgets 9/11, Says Terrorist Attacks Didn’t Happen Before Obama And Clinton

The guy who exploited 3,000 dead Americans for political gain now seems to forget Sept. 11 ever happened.

6 years ago

Donald Trump Tries To Make Another International Tragedy All About Him

Once again, the grandstanding Trump is exploiting a terrorist attack and stoking fears in order to score political points.

6 years ago

SPLC President Issues Warning to Congress About Radical Right Terrorism

"Neither the House nor the Senate has held hearings on the terrorism directed at law enforcement officials...by antigovernment zealots such…

6 years ago