Trump Is Losing Texas By 5 As Lone Star Hispanic Democrats Surge

Trump trails Democrat in Texas by 5 points

Hispanic Democratic voters are surging in Texas in the Lone Star state, and Trump is trailing against any Democrat by 5 points.

Jaws Drop After Shocking Poll Shows Texas Is Now A Tossup State For Hillary Clinton

A SurveyMonkey/Washington Post poll of 15 battleground states has some stunning news for Republicans. Hillary Clinton is within 2 points of Donald Trump as Texas has become a tossup.

Stunning Texas Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Is Close To Turning Lone Star State Blue

The bedrock Republican state of Texas could go for Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump's Lone Star state lead has shrunk to within the margin of error.

Hillary Clinton Could Turn Both Texas And Mississippi Blue According To New Polls

A new series of polls in every state show Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by a point in Texas and trailing the Republican nominee by just two points in Mississippi.

Trump Catastrophe Gets Worse For GOP As Poll Hints Texas May Be In Play For Clinton

Donald Trump's candidacy is quickly turning into a catastrophic GOP event, as a new poll of Texas shows Donald Trump with a relatively small 6 point lead over Hillary Clinton.

Republicans Facing Catastrophe As Trump Leads Clinton By Single Digits In Texas

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton 2016

The Republican Party may have to spend precious resources defending Texas as Donald Trump is holding a single digit lead over Hillary Clinton in the Lone Star State.

Poll Finds Hillary Clinton Could Turn Texas Blue In 2016

A recent PPP poll found that the 2016 presidential race in Texas is surprising close. Hillary Clinton could move Texas closer to turning blue as Paul and Christie hold slim 4 point leads over Clinton.

Republicans Get Nervous As Wendy Davis Trails By Just 5 In Texas Governor Race

If Republicans weren't taking Wendy Davis seriously before, they should start now. A new poll found Davis trailing Republican Greg Abbott 40%-35%.