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Texas Republicans Block Judge’s Injunction on ‘Unconstitutional’ Abortion Ban

Texas Republicans Block Judge’s Injunction on ‘Unconstitutional’ Abortion Ban

The office of Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, who just appeared in court on securities fraud charges, immediately put…

4 months ago

Texas Republicans Are Freaking Out About 2020 Losses Already

The Republican Party of Texas is in panic mode. Shocked by the results of the 2018 midterm elections that saw…

5 years ago

Opinion: That Moment When a Federal District Court Rules Texas Election Law Is Racist

"Republican lawmakers rushed the voter ID law without the usual committee analysis and debate... to provide an Anglo partisan advantage."

7 years ago

Federal Courts Strike Down Texas and Wisconsin Vote Suppression Laws

"We conclude that that SB 14 has a discriminatory effect on minorities' voting rights in violation of Section 2 of…

7 years ago

Texas GOP Platform Is Patently Un-American, Religious and Nativist

"The only solution to the current situation is for Texas to threaten to secede. Then Washington will start cleaning up…

8 years ago

Republicans Proven Wrong: Anti-Abortion Laws Hurt Women

A brand-spanking new report conducted and released by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project, a noted research group out of the…

8 years ago

Texas Republicans Must Bow Down to Progress by Obeying the Marriage Equality Ruling

Marriage equality has been banned in Texas since 2005, so immediately after the ruling on Friday, the Executive Director of…

8 years ago

Texas-Size GOP Hypocrisy As a Result of Climate Change Deluge

It is true that all Republicans are blatant hypocrites, but now that go-it-alone awesome Texas experienced a little anthropogenic climate…

9 years ago