Greg Abbott’s Solution To School Shootings: Send DNA Kits Home to Parents to ID Their Kids’ Bodies

In Greg Abbott's Republican Texas, public schools sent kids home with a DNA kit so their parents could identify them…

1 month ago

A Roe Blue Wave In Texas As Democrats Have A 10 Point New Voter Registration Advantage

New voter registration is skyrocketing in Texas as young Democrats are registering after the overturn of Roe.

3 months ago

CNN Anchors Grill State Rep. On Why Texas Can Act Quickly On Abortion, But Not School Shootings

CNN anchors Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota grilled state representative James White about why Texas can act fast on abortion,…

6 months ago

Greg Abbott Screwed Texans By Ordering Maximum Price Increases As State Froze

As Texans were freezing during a power outage, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered power price increases.

9 months ago

Beto O’Rourke Has Raised More Than $7.2 Million Since Announcing Run for Texas Governor

Beto O'Rourke, the former Texas Representative who ran one of the closest Senate races in Texas history against (but ultimately…

11 months ago

Texas AG Ken Paxton Announces State Will Appeal Ruling That Blocked Abortion Law

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced that the state will appeal a ruling from U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman…

1 year ago

Family of Texas School Shooting Suspect Says He Was Bullied and Afraid to Go to Class

The family of Texas school shooting suspect Timothy George Simkins says he was often bulli," that he was robbed on…

1 year ago

Multiple People Injured in Mass Shooting at Texas High School

The Dallas Morning News reports that there have been multiple injuries as a result of a mass shooting at a…

1 year ago

Texas Law is One for the GOP Wish List, Barring Social Media Companies from Banning Users for “Political Viewpoints”

The Texas legislature has approved a law that bars social media companies from banning users for their "political viewpoints," a…

1 year ago

Justice Breyer Calls Out Supreme Court’s Decision on Texas Abortion Ban

Associate Justice Stephen Breyer said he opposes the Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling not to block a Texas abortion ban. The…

1 year ago

Portland, Oregon To Vote on Emergency Resolution Banning Trade with Texas in Response to Abortion Law

The city of Portland, Oregon will vote on an emergency resolution banning trade with the state of Texas in response…

1 year ago

Elizabeth Warren on Texas Abortion Ban: “It’s Time for National Laws to Secure Our Reproductive Freedom”

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) spoke out after the state of Texas effectively outlawed abortion by banning most abortions after six…

1 year ago

On The Same Day Greg Abbott Announces He Has COVID, Texas Has Requested 5 Mortuary Trailers From FEMA

Texas is the biggest red state in the county. And because of that, many of its residents have refused to…

1 year ago

Two Counties in Limbo After Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Mask Mandates

Dallas and Bexar Counties are in limbo after the Texas Supreme Court temporarily halted lower court rulings that allowed local…

1 year ago

Greg Abbott Is Sponging Off Your Taxpayer Dollars While Playing Big Man On COVID

It turns out Governor Greg Abbott (T-Texas) is not just aiding and giving comfort to Delta, but he is doing…

1 year ago

Texas Hospital System President Warns Hospitals Are Facing “Disaster” Amid Covid Surge

Houston’s Harris Health Systems President and CEO Dr. Esmaeil Porsa warned that hospitals are facing "disaster" amid the strain of…

1 year ago

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Who Has Let COVID go Unchecked for Months, Is Requesting Out-of-State Medical Staff

Governor Greg Abbott has cared much more about fighting the COVID culture war than about keeping people safe. Like Ron…

1 year ago

Report: Trump is Pumping Big Money Into Ohio Primary Because He’s Scared of Another Candidate He Endorsed Losing

Donald Trump needs something to do. Thanks to an investigation by New York State, his business career is in shambles.…

1 year ago

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Says Democrats Will Be Arrested and GOP Will Work on Passing Voting Restrictions

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) told Fox News that the Democrats who fled the state to block a bill…

1 year ago

WATCH: Texas Dem Sen. James Talarico Makes Fox News’ Hegseth Squirm By Asking if Donald Trump Won 2020 Election

While CNN and MSNBC make attempts at having GOP lawmakers on as guests, it is a different story at Fox…

1 year ago