Biden Chief Of Staff Provides Thanksgiving Talking Points To Help You Survive Dinner With Your Fox News Watching Relatives

Biden Chief Of Staff Provides Thanksgiving Talking Points To Help You Survive Dinner With Your Fox News Watching Relatives

Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain tweeted some talking points about Biden administration accomplishments to help deal with those Fox…

1 year ago

Joe And Jill Biden Deliver A Thanksgiving Message America Can Be Proud Of

President and First Lady Biden released a message to the country that reminded us all of how nice it is…

2 years ago

Mike Huckabee Claims Covid-19 Restrictions on Thanksgiving Violate Fourth Amendment

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R), a regular presence on Fox News, declared that Covid-19 restrictions on Thanksgiving violate the…

3 years ago

A Happy Thanksgiving to You

Thanksgiving's origins lie in ancient, pre-Christian harvest festivals which are religious in nature, and have nothing to do with genocide

8 years ago

For Millions of Americans There Is Little To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

Obviously many Americans do have myriad reasons to be thankful they live in an extremely wealthy and semi-free nation such…

9 years ago

Michael Brown’s Empty Chair At Thanksgiving

Three days before the holiday where we here in America are expected to feast, rejoice, and give thanks, the parents…

9 years ago

Giving Thanks And Keeping It Real

In our complex, contemporary America, finding reasons to give thanks, especially in wake of Ferguson, are becoming more and more…

9 years ago

Chuck Norris Dares Obama to Mention God on Thanksgiving – Cue Fox & Friends Smear

After twisting Washington's words to attack Obama, when, in fact, they defend Obama, Norris dares Obama to be like Washington…

9 years ago

For Many Americans There is Little To Be Thankful For On Thanksgiving

There are plenty of things for all Americans to be thankful for, but sadly, a substantial segment of the population…

10 years ago

Thanksgiving is For Everyone, Not Only Christians

Peter LaBarbera complains that people are "using Thanksgiving as an opportunity to be 'thankful for' developments that are decidedly ungodly"

10 years ago

On This Thanksgiving, A Long-Term Poverty Survivor Gives Thanks

Liberals can take a moment to pat themselves on the back. There are poor people everywhere who are grateful for…

10 years ago

Bizarre GOP Thanksgiving Pics Make America Ask, ‘What’s wrong with these people?’

Thanksgiving brought us John McCain's Old Man in the Tree and a leaning into Ann, uncombed Mitt in the sterile…

11 years ago

Things I am Grateful for in 2012

Even in troubled times, there are a great many things to be grateful for. Here are a few of mine.

11 years ago

President Obama Commends the American Spirit of Helping Our Brothers and Sisters in Need

President Obama used his weekly address to remind us that Thanksgiving is a time to put aside our differences after…

11 years ago

Why Conservatives Should Be Thankful That the Rest of Us Elected President Obama

Conservatives should be thankful the rest of the population elected a President not inclined to deliberately cause suffering for 98%…

11 years ago

Fox News Celebrates Thanksgiving by Mocking the Poor

How else would you expect Fox News to celebrate Thanksgiving than to mock those who receive food stamps?

11 years ago

The Same Old Deal: The GOP’s Fight Against the Ghost of FDR

Like the Obama Administration, Liberal groups, and Secular Humanists, Franklin Delano Roosevelt believed that Americans deserved security in their lives,…

13 years ago