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Opinion: Republicans Aren’t Changing Their Authoritarian Minds or Lying Ways

The 1/6 Committee hearings have not changed Republican minds about reality, only about Trump’s viability.

6 months ago

Want to Save American Democracy? Then Care About Starbucks Workers’ Union Victory

It’s a huge deal—people standing up a declaring they want a voice at the table in their workplace, to participate…

1 year ago

Opinion: Georgia Lawmakers Outlaw Humanity And Mutual Aid As Big Lie Becomes Big Law

This sweeping legislation isn’t just about suppressing the vote; it’s about prohibiting collective care and action, criminalizing any sense of…

2 years ago

Trump Helplessly Twitter Tantrums After Getting Busted Calling Fallen US Troops Losers

Trump went back to his pattern of attacking the source and throwing fits on Twitter over reports he called fallen…

2 years ago

Opinion: When It Comes to Really Valuing Essential Workers, Gretchen Whitmer Puts Michigan’s Money Where the Nation’s Mouth Is

One on level, the coronavirus pandemic holds out the potential to shift America’s dominant cultural mentality to finally re-think—indeed come…

3 years ago

Hillary Clinton Gives Liberals Pause By Breaking With President Obama on Foreign Policy

In her first real break with the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton criticized some of President Obama's foreign policy and in…

8 years ago