Conservative Charlie Sykes Rips Dan Crenshaw as a GOP Grifter in Scathing Op-Ed

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In 2018, Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson made fun of Dan Crenshaw’s eye-patch during a spot on Weekend Update. Weeks later, Davidson apologized to Crenshaw on the show.

Crenshaw used the moment to talk about how people of differing political parties could still get along. Since then, the Texas Congressman has regularly engaged in Twitter feuds and promoted lies via his feed.

Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes recently penned a piece for the Bulwark calling out Crenshaw as a GOP grifter.

Sykes was particularly perturbed at a recent piece Crenshaw penned for The Daily Wire. In the article, entitled, What It Really Means to Fight, the Texas Rep. again calls for unity.

The Bulwark contributor writes:

“So what are we to make of Crenshaw’s latest plea for a politics of persuasion rather than of grift, memes, and bloviation? It is tempting to see his Daily Wire article merely as a cynical grasp at respectability, but it’s actually more revealing than that, because it shows that even as he tosses out dumb tropes to the deplorati, Crenshaw knows exactly what he is doing. He knows that it is fraudulent, toxic, grifty, and manipulative. But, even though he knows better,he does it anyway. He may even feel guilty about it — but not guilty enough to abandon his Trumpian schtick. So he wants it both ways: to be both clown and critic: both fascist wanna-be and a voice of sense and conscience.” read more