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Conservative Outlet The National Review Hints That Officer Brian Sicknick Died of Natural Causes

Conservative Outlet The National Review Hints That Officer Brian Sicknick Died of Natural Causes

When Donald Trump incited the riot on the Capitol in January 6th, he inspired many horrific acts. 5 people died…

3 years ago

Donald Trump May Have Not Only Destroyed the GOP, But the Religious Right as Well

"Here’s the emerging reality: While the GOP can’t win without Evangelicals, it’s increasingly clear that it can’t win with them…

7 years ago

Jeb Bush Says His Views Were Shaped By Racist Author Charles Murray

In an interview with the National Review's Rich Lowry, Jeb Bush confessed to being a fan of Charles Murray's books.

9 years ago

Scott Walker’s Romneyesque Pandering Demonstrates His Lack Of Leadership Qualities

Walker has morphed into a candidate so feckless, that the 2012 version of Mitt Romney looks like a profile in…

9 years ago

Conservative Logic: Because Iraq Was a Just War, Sniper Chris Kyle Must be a Hero

But of course, Iraq was not a just war; far from it, it was a criminal enterprise from start to…

9 years ago

Get Covered Illinois Uses Humor To Upend Republican Obamacare Lies

The timing seems like it couldn't be better for this clever ad from Get Covered Illinois, the Land of Lincoln's…

9 years ago

Susan Rice Fires Back At Republican Critics Trying To Benghazi Her On Bergdahl

On Friday, National Security Adviser Susan Rice hit back at her Republican critics who have tried to make it appear…

10 years ago

Right-Wing Trolls Go Out Of Their Way To Offend Liberals By Trashing Maya Angelou

Since Maya Angelou she was seen as a hero by minorities, women and liberals, some conservative writers decided to use…

10 years ago

Another Conservative Journalist Offensively Compares the ACA to Iraq War

It seems that the National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru felt that it had been too long since a conservative had made…

10 years ago

Republican Terrorists Have Exposed Themselves as The Traitors They Are

Republicans exposed themselves as the traitors they are because about 70% of the 86,000 civilians employed at 16 U.S. intelligence…

10 years ago

Conservatives Spend the 4th of July Lying About President Obama

Conservatives are running wild with the lie that the President is spending July 4th in Paris, France to raise money…

11 years ago