Bill O’Reilly Tells Glenn Beck That It is Amazing He Hasn’t Been Fired Yet

On Friday's The O'Reilly Factor, the love/hate feelings that Bill O'Reilly has for Glenn Beck flared up again, as O'Reilly told Beck, "So here's Beck and he has been on the air for a year at Fox News Channel, it's amazing that you haven't been fired yet, a couple of close calls." As usual Bill-O hid his dig at Beck with humor, but make no bones about it, Bill-O would not mind seeing Beck hit the bricks.

Bill O’Reilly Compares Obama and Heathcare to George W. Bush and Iraq

Obama White House

On his FNC program The O'Reilly Factor, host Bill O'Reilly engaged in full blown fear mongering tonight as he compared President Obama's attempts to pass healthcare reform with George W. Bush's belief that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the United States. Only in the fractured realm of Fox News could a healthcare bill be equated with an unjust war that has killed thousands of people.

Fox Propaganda Alert: Beck and O’Reilly Debate the Meaning of Progressivism

Tonight during his regular segment with Glenn Beck on FNC's The O'Reilly Factor host Bill O'Reilly tried to drag Beck into his feud with Rush Limbaugh over whether or not Obama is a Socialist. Beck claimed that Progressivism is like Marxism without the revolution, while O'Reilly claimed that Progressives just want to "Take your stuff."Once again Fox News offers its views only the finest in narrow minded propaganda.