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Rachel Maddow Explains How Republicans Broke the Senate

On her MSNBC program Rachel Maddow recently sat America down and tried to explain to them how Republicans have managed to break the US Senate by abusing the filibuster. Maddow said, “Since they lost the Senate they have turned it into a stronghold for their own party by using power the senate minority is usually entrusted not to abuse. They’ve used that power to break the institution.”


Rachel Maddow Exposes the Phony Republican Earmark Ban

On her MSNBC program last night Rachel Maddow took on one of the great myths of American politics that banning earmarks is the same as cutting spending. Maddow called the Republican position on the earmark ban what it really is. According to Maddow the Republican earmark ban is an, “epic quest to seem fiscally responsible without actually being fiscally responsible.”


Rachel Maddow Urges Democrats to Grow a Pair

On her program tonight, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow urged Democrats to get their act together and stop campaigning in fear. Maddow argued that Democrats can win based on their accomplishments, “Imagine what it would look like if they started to campaign on the actual accomplishments they accomplished.” In short, Democrats need to grow a pair.


Rachel Maddow and Joe Biden Urge Progressives to Get Energized

Vice President Joe Biden gave one of his best interviews since he has been in the White House on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC program, where he expressed why progressives need to get energized about this election, “Our progressive base, you have, you should not stay home. It, you better get energized. Because the consequences are serious for the outcome of the things we care most about.”


Rachel Maddow Exposes More Fox News Video Editing Fraud

On The Rachel Maddow Show tonight host Rachel Maddow took on Fox News and their selective editing of the California ACORN tapes. Maddow played both the Fox News edit of the tapes, and the full tapes. Maddow said, “If you watched the footage these guys released, if you followed the wall to wall coverage on Fox…If you are a member of Congress who voted to defund ACORN…You were had.”

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