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Stand Your Ground Is Unsound: The Data Speaks

There's nothing "well regulated" about an angry white mob of uncoordinated, often untrained, sometimes criminally convicted civilians off firing away…

7 years ago

Survey: Americans Prefer A Gay President Over An Evangelical

It turns out that not only are Americans not the least bit enamored at the prospect of an evangelical fanatic…

7 years ago

Debunking The Lie That Obama Was Forced To Apologize For The Deaths of 2 US Hostages

Republicans and the media are accusing President Obama of being forced to apologize for the deaths of two Americans who…

7 years ago

A Mitt Romney-Jeb Bush Brawl Will Divide The GOP Establishment And Help The Tea Party

The GOP is poised for an epic clash of plutocrats that is likely to split establishment donors and benefit the…

7 years ago

Sen. Chuck Grassley Blames Obama For a Scandal Caused By His Own Former Staffer

It is a travesty, and a mystery, why any American would vote for Republicans who not only do nothing for…

8 years ago

The Media Embarrasses Itself by Treating the Lying Bush Bumblers Like Iraq War Experts

America's mainstream media is as apt to repeat failures as conservatives likely due to the symbiotic relationship between corporate media…

8 years ago

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