Theresa May

Trump Reportedly Had a “Public Meltdown” Over Missed Call from Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump publicly berated his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn because of a missed call from Vladimir Putin, according…

2 years ago

Opinion: Trump is a Misfit Among Our D-Day Allies

During his stay in London, Donald Trump proved to be as much a misfit among British Royalty as he was…

3 years ago

Brexit brings down May, Johnson stakes leadership claim

Fighting back tears, Theresa May said on Friday she would quit after failing to deliver Brexit, setting up a contest…

3 years ago

Thousands of Labour Members Demand New Brexit Referendum

Thousands of Labour Party members in Great Britain are now demanding that their party oppose Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit…

3 years ago

Chaos in Britain as Theresa May Faces Rebellion Over Brexit

On Wednesday night British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she'd won her cabinet's backing for her draft proposal on…

4 years ago

Trump Trashes Theresa May Over Brexit Plan; Supports Johnson

Donald Trump threw the United Kingdom into turmoil on Thursday night when he gave an interview to The Sun and…

4 years ago

British PM, European Parliament Call for Facebook Investigation

‘The Heat is On’ is a Glenn Frey song made famous by the 1980’s TV show ‘Miami Vice.’ Given all…

4 years ago

Here Are Theresa May’s Options to Retaliate Against Russia For Poisoning A Former Spy On U.K Soil

Earlier today U.K Prime Minister Theresa May announced that her government had concluded it was "highly likely" that the Russian…

4 years ago

Trump Falls Flat On His Face By Attacking The Wrong Theresa May On Twitter

This petty attack on one of our closest allies was embarrassing enough. But he solidified his image as the laughingstock…

4 years ago

Trump Enrages Another US Ally As British PM Rebukes President For Speculative Terrorism Tweet

British Prime Minister Theresa May rebuked Trump for engaging in Twitter speculation after a subway attack injured 23 people in…

5 years ago

Trump Administration Formally Apologizes to Britain for False Wiretapping Accusation

"Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command...he used GCHQ" accused Spicer

5 years ago

Trump’s Politics of Repression Promise to Exacerbate Domestic and Global Problems

Trump's presidency, with its emphasis on law and order, is trying to sell us the idea that a repressive society…

5 years ago

J.K. Rowling Condemns British PM for ‘Standing Simpering Next to Powerful Racist’ Trump

"May making her "strong statement about the role of women" there, by standing simpering next to a powerful racist."

5 years ago