Thom Hartmann

The Democratic Party Is Not Your Abusive Partner, Progressives, It’s Your Problem Child

Calls for the Progressives to "break up" with the Democratic Party as an abusive partner miss the mark. The problems…

8 years ago

Though Correct to Step Down, Shinseki Was A Victim of Racism

It's a sad day for many in the Asian American community and specifically the Japanese American community as the POTUS…

9 years ago

The Gettysburg Address 150 Years Ago And Now: Lincoln, Obama and The Great Task Remaining

One hundred fifty years later, President Lincoln's Great Task remains uncompleted.

9 years ago

While Republicans Focus on Public Debt, the Real Issue is Private Debt

Could the answer to the ongoing economic woes of the country be a forgiveness of household debt? At least one…

10 years ago

From John Sununu to Sarah Palin, Racism is the Lexicon of the Right

Whether it's Sununu or Palin, the hatred for our president will continue, and supporting today's Republican Party only fans the…

10 years ago

Fighting Predatory Capitalism: Occupying and Preventing Illegal Foreclosure

According to foreclosure victims, banks are promising owners who are having financial trouble that if they are three months behind…

11 years ago

Joe Arpaio: From Sheriff to Potential Felon

By not arresting the CEOs and presidents of the corporations, who violate Arizona's SB 1070, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is committing…

11 years ago