Castro Tweet Controversy Reveals Fundamental Threat to Democracy, even from the Press

Castro Trump legal jeopardy

Back in the day, during the Reagan era, New York Democrat and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan termed the GOP the “party of ideas” because of their growing reputation for intellectual prowess.

At the 2016 Republican National Convention, despite all indications to the contrary, self-proclaimed idea-man Paul Ryan kept this illusion alive, declaring, “It still comes down to a contest of ideas, which is really good news, ladies and gentlemen, because when it’s about ideas that advantage goes to us.” read more

Founders Offer Wisdom for Protecting America from Fake News

In the early moments of the American republic, the nation’s sovereignty and security presented no small worry to the founders. In the 1790s, independence was in its fragile infancy, a nascent experiment threatened by the former mother country; and the French Revolution created anxiety those violent passions would spill overseas, inspiring more upheaval in the still roiling republic. read more

Steve King Says ‘We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Somebody Else’s Babies’

Steve King tweeted that "culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

Dissent, Democracy, and Deliberation Are on Trump’s Chopping Block

James Madison said representatives should be able to "withstand the temporary delusion" to "give time and opportunity for more cool and sedate reflection."

Jeff Sessions Believes the First Amendment Separation Clause Is Unconstitutional

Jefferson stating separation of church and state is contained within the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment is "unhistorical" according to Sessions.

Religious Right Clergy at Capitol Hill to ‘Drive Out Satan’ Drive Out Freedom Instead

U.S. Senate Republicans

"[T]he serious enemies are the priests of the different religious sects, to whose spells on the human mind its improvement is ominous."

Newt Gingrich Says Pastors Have a Duty to Fight ‘Totalitarian Secularism’

"I think you have a have the courage to stand up and tell the truth; tell the truth about those who would impose a totalitarian secularism on us"

Rebellion Talks Leads to New Call To Impeach Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin

The Republican Bevin’s “insurrection talk” has elicited the second call for his impeachment as governor in six months; the first came within a month of him being sworn in office as Kentucky governor.

At Values Voter Summit Donald Trump Promotes An America Where We Live ‘Under One God’

"Imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under one God, saluting one flag."

The Panama Papers Show it’s Time for ‘No Representation Without Taxation’

The Panama Papers reveal how the elite work against us. If our cry should not be "off with their heads!" it should at least be "off to the IRS!"

President Obama’s Brilliant Religious Freedom Speech Lost On Religious Republicans

Some may argue that evangelicals lack any humanity, because if they did they would not be driven by inhumanity toward anything not Christian

Bush-Appointed Judge Forces Kentucky Taxpayers To Fund An Evangelical Ministry

Kentucky taxpayers are being "compelled" to spend at least $18 million to build and support the Answers in Genesis Noah's Ark theme park

The Founding Fathers Promoted Public Education But Rafael Cruz Says it’s a Commie Plot

Ted Cruz's father says public education is a communist plot, but for the Founding Fathers, it was America's hope for the future

David Barton Finds Someone Dishonest Enough to Republish His Jefferson Lies

David Barton got his book of lies about Jefferson back into print again, thanks to the liars at World Net Daily, a match made in hell

John Oliver Hilariously Demolishes Fake Founding Father Quotes

The GOP and Religious Right have been throwing fake Founding Father quotes at us for years. John Oliver hilariously rips this industry apart

Ben Carson Falsely Claims Founding Fathers Would Have Rejected Muslim President

Ben Carson claims the Founding Fathers would have rejected a Muslim president, but their words show him to be a liar

Ben Carson’s Use of Fake Jefferson Quote Reveals His Distance from Founding Ideals

Ben Carson repeatedly used a quote he attributed to Thomas Jefferson to justify his gun position. Unfortunately for Carson, Jefferson said no such thing.

Look Out! “General” Jerry Boykin Says Christians ARE the Government

Boykin claims "when you hold up a Bible, you need to hold up the Constitution right next to it" and pretend they're the exact same thing

Why Bill Maher is Right, and Joseph Farrah is Wrong

Bill Maher poked the Religious Right's persecution myth full of holes. Joseph Farrah's attempt to discredit Maher only discredits himself

The Romans Had Them, but There are no Republican Edicts of Toleration

Compare this list of Roman edicts of toleration to a current Republican list - oh wait, there isn't one