This is How Big a Deal it is that Pope Francis Says Evolution and the Big Bang are Real

Pope Francis has declared that evolution and the Big Bang are facts, no longer to be debated, saying of evolution:

When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that is not so. read more

America, Our Children Are Being Punished for Excluding God from Pledge of Allegiance

One student was told that failing to stand is disrespectful to members of the U.S. military; another was told the law required him to stand

This Fourth of July America, Our Liberty is Under Siege From Within

We are under siege this July Fourth. We can only resist with our love of liberty, for it is liberty that is the beating heart of liberalism

Ralph Nader Attacks the Imperial Presidency but Ignores the Do-Nothing Congress

Ralph Nader is railing against the "imperial presidency" but has nothing to say about our runaway, do-nothing Congress. It makes no sense to rail against the one while ignoring the other.

The Republican Party and the un-Founding of America

Republicans claim to be the defenders of the Constitution; this while wishing to do away with every amendment save the Second and the Tenth- narrowing Republican goals to guns and secession.

Misremembering is the Conservative Way of Treating Martin Luther King

As our nation celebrates Martin Luther King Jr, conservatives choose NOT to remember him, but to misremember him as a conservative

The Tea Party’s Intolerable Acts Are a Parting Shot from George III

The Tea Party's actions in Wisconsin and Michigan show them to owe their inspiration not to the Patriots of 1776 but to King George III

Why America Needs a Left

In Why America Needs a Left, Eli Zaretsky makes a case for a 'hard' left, something beyond either progressivism or liberalism

Let’s Not Give Right Wing Religious Idiots and Hypocrites the Last Laugh

The Religious Right says some laughable things, but there is nothing laughable about their money, power - or influence on American politics

Republicans Declare Defeat and Claim They Have Lost the Culture War

Longtime foe of multiculturalism, William J. Bennett, says Republicans lost culture war and accuses Democrats of playing identity politics

Glenn Beck May Give Barton’s Book of Lies a New Lease on Life

David Barton's Christian publisher may have dropped his book of lies and who better to save lies about a Founding Father than Glenn Beck?

Obama’s Constitution-friendly Religion

Jeffrey T. Kuhner of the Edmund Burke Institute, who last year accused President Obama of having “black nationalist sympathies” (whatever those are) wrote a column for the Washington Times on February 23, which he entitled Obama’s pseudo-religion, arguing that the “President’s secular moves” are “out of step with Judeo-Christian culture.” His claim is that “Mr. Obama is a radical leftist. Like all such extremists, he has nothing but contempt for traditional Christianity and the family.” read more

Our Founding Fathers Were Liberal, NOT Conservative

A lot has been said about our founding fathers in recent years. The tea party has all of a sudden become historical scholars. They have become the defenders of our Country and our Constitution. Glenn Beck is their proverbial historical professor. Unfortunately their knowledge is fairly limited to specifically what their Fox News comrade regurgitates, which inaccurately represents the true views of the Founding Fathers.

How Glenn Beck Warped Extreme Liberal Thomas Paine into a Teabagger

Glenn Beck dislikes government. He also dislikes social programs - such as Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Those who advocate such programs are, for Beck, "cockroaches." Beck, a radical conservative, thinks he channels Paine, an interesting feat considering Paine was a radical liberal, who is considered the real father of Social Security.