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Kochs Will Not Support Virginia GOP Senate Candidate Stewart

The Koch Brothers political network has announced it will not support the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia, in…

4 years ago

Sen. Tim Kaine Condemns Trump for Bypassing Congress: ‘There is no Excuse’

“There is no excuse for bypassing Congress. Because the Constitution we all pledge an oath to is very plain...you can’t…

5 years ago

Fox News Humiliates Itself In Tim Kaine Interview By Ignoring Trump Sexual Assault

Fox News took their pretending that the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump don't exist to a new level by…

6 years ago

Tim Kaine Laughs Off Interruption Criticism At First Post-Debate Rally: ‘I Am Irish’

"I got dinged a little bit, even by my wife, for interrupting too much," he said.

6 years ago

Trump, Who Repeatedly Interrupted Clinton, Complains About Kaine’s Interruptions

Trump, who interrupted Clinton 51 times, complains "The constant interruptions last night by Tim Kaine should not have been allowed"

6 years ago

Mike Pence Complains About ‘Whipping Out That Mexican Thing’ and Twitter Erupts

"'Can you stop whipping out that Mexican thing?' - VP pick from a party who can't understand why they don't…

6 years ago

Donald Trump’s Response to VP Debate Shows Him at All-Time Delusional Low

Trump says Mike Pence won, but last night was not a win for Trump, unless his plan all along was…

6 years ago

Here Are The Winners And Losers From The Vice Presidential Debate

There was a clear victor in the vice presidential debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. Here are the winners…

6 years ago

Tim Kaine Obliterates The Trump-Pence Immigration Plan At Debate

Though Pence denied the most inhumane parts of Trump's immigration plan, Kaine slammed the door shut in seven words: "You…

6 years ago

Tim Kaine Is Dominating Mike Pence In The Vice Presidential Debate

If Republicans were hoping that Mike Pence could save Donald Trump, they are certain to be disappointed as Pence is…

6 years ago

At VP Debate, Kaine Destroys The False GOP Narrative About Clinton’s Foreign Policy

Mike Pence tried to push the narrative that Clinton is to blame for all of the world's ills, but Clinton's…

6 years ago

Mike Pence Falls Apart And Bombs When Asked About Trump Tax Returns At VP Debate

Mike Pence had to be asked numerous times, and he could not come up with a defense for Trump not…

6 years ago

Before VP Debate Even Starts, The RNC Mistakenly Posts That Mike Pence Won

Not only is the post a bit premature, but it's full of wishful thinking.

6 years ago

Tim Kaine Blasts Donald Trump and Mike Pence for Disrespecting President Obama

Tim Kaine said, “Anybody who would question that leadership, to me is just an irrational hostility to President Obama that…

6 years ago

Tim Kaine Joins Joe Biden to Denounce Donald Trump’s Ivory Tower Economic Policies

"This stuff about growing an economy that works for everybody, we haven’t been sitting in an ivory tower looking out…

6 years ago

Tim Kaine Masterfully Sets A Trap By Making Clinton Emails About Trump Tax Returns

Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine did his part to help the ticket set a trap for Donald Trump by…

6 years ago

Real Email Scandal Exposed: Tim Kaine Busts Donald Trump for Asking Russia to Hack Clinton

Donald Trump is a danger to national security because he actually encouraged Russia to hack Clinton's emails, Kaine explained patiently…

6 years ago

Tim Kaine Guts Donald Trump While Mike Pence Giggles And Flops On Fox

As Mike Pence spends his days giggling and trying to defend Donald Trump's predictions. Hillary Clinton's running mate Sen. Tim…

6 years ago