Tim Scott

Trump Didn’t Even Garner 50% in the Latest 2024 GOP Presidential Candidate Poll

There is a fierce debate within GOP ranks about what to do with Donald Trump. The majority of Republican lawmakers…

6 months ago

WATCH: Tim Scott Argues That Systemic Racism Doesn’t Exist by Saying He’s Been Pulled Over for Being Black 18 Times

A big talking point for the current incarnation of the GOP is that racism doesn't exist. During his recent address…

7 months ago

Harris: “We Must Speak Truth About the History of Racism in Our Country”

Asked to respond to remarks from South Carolina Republican Tim Scott that the United States "is not a racist country,"…

7 months ago

Pelosi: Republicans Are “Trying to Get Away with Murder” with Police Reform Bill

Nancy Pelosi has slammed Republicans' policing reform bill, which won't ban chokeholds or no-knock warrants. The Senate bill will likely…

1 year ago

Lindsey Graham Is Threatening To Block The Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Republican Sens. Tim Scott, Ben Sasse, Lindsey Graham are threatening to block the coronavirus stimulus bill because they claim there…

2 years ago

Facing Defeat, Racist Trump Judicial Nominee Withdraws His Nomination Right Before Vote

Trump judicial nominee Ryan Bounds withdrew his nomination after Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) said that he couldn't vote for him,…

3 years ago

Only Black GOP Senator Brought To White House To ‘Educate’ Ignorant Trump About Racism

The meeting could have given Trump an opportunity to learn something about race relations in America, but he only made…

4 years ago

Republican Presidential Wannabes Gather In South Carolina To Renounce Democrats

A bunch of Republican real and presumed presidential primary candidates descended on Greenville, South Carolina, Saturday. The event was the…

7 years ago

South Carolina Continues Its Quest To Be The Reddest State In The Nation

Some view South Carolina as the reddest state in the nation. After November 4th, it just might be.

7 years ago

The Cantor ‘Upset’ and Other Primary Potpourri

After a couple of days of recovering from a 15-hour stint as head of a polling place and processing the…

7 years ago

Congress and Backroom Trade Pacts Grease Skids for FedEx at the Expense of the USPS

If I have a cause as a contributing writer to PoliticusUSA, it is to expose the ongoing and relentless attempts…

8 years ago

Republicans Propose New Privatization Scheme That Would Destroy Public Schools

Many Americans missed a Republican proposal to destroy the public school system because they were awaiting President Obama's State of…

8 years ago

A New Low: How the Tea Party Trolled Tim Scott Into Selling Himself Out

South Carolina senator Tim Scott declined an invitation to the March on Washington. Knowing his constituency, you can understand why.

8 years ago

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