Right Wing Media Loses it Over Idea of Obama as Jewish President

A bunch of white gentiles are maybe not the best people to be talking about who is and who isn't…

7 years ago

The First Amendment Protects All Religions – Including Satanism

You don't have to approve of a religion to understand and accept that every religion is on equal footing in…

8 years ago

It is Time for Peaceful Christians to Speak Up for Coexistence

According to the Religious Right, Islam is the enemy, and ISIL, or ISIS as it is often called, is a…

8 years ago

Pope Francis Condemns Those Who Use Religion to Promote Violence

"Let no one consider themselves to be the 'armour' of God while planning and carrying out acts of violence and…

8 years ago

The Truth is, Religious Bigots, if Islam is Not a Religion, Neither is Christianity

David Barton presents a geo-political Christianity Rev. Jody Hice says Muslims can't have, meaning Barton's Christianity is not a religion

8 years ago

Religious Right’s Pet Rabbi Calls Liberty Twisted and Diseased

Lapin says atheists are parasites and we'd be better behaved (do what conservatives want) if we acted like we had…

9 years ago

The True Jeffersonian Face of Religious Freedom

For Thomas Jefferson, religious freedom was neither freedom to coerce nor a coerced mind, but rather a free mind

9 years ago