Tom Tancredo

Charlie Hebdo Has Republicans Getting Their Crazy On in 2015

Charlie Hebdo tells Republicans that people who don't look like Fox News hosts should be killed, or at the very…

8 years ago

Tom Tancredo Says Republicans in Congress Have Stockholm Syndrome

Tancredo says GOP is impotent. Impotent yes. Because they're ideologically blinkered idiots. Not because they identify with their "captor" Obama.

8 years ago

The GOP’s Vorpal Blade of Cognitive Dissonance Goes Snicker-Snack!

Reality is the ultimate enemy of Republican ideology, so Tom Tancredo picks up his vorpal blade and shows himself asylum-ready

10 years ago

Birthers Claim Obama Created the Birther Conspiracy

The birther movement is back with a new conspiracy that states not only was Barack Obama not born in America,…

13 years ago