Trump Lies And Says China Is Paying For His $16 Billion Trade War Disaster Cover Up To Farmers

Trump lies China pays

Trump lied and claimed that China is paying for $16 billion in disaster relief to farmers due to his trade war.

Trump’s Ignorance of Global Realities Is Trampling the Working Class

The “then what” is that Trump’s insistence he can make up the rules when he doesn’t own the ball is inflicting devastating damage on farmers and workers in the U.S. and on the U.S. economy overall.T

Trump Flips Out As Stock Market Plunges And No One Buys His Lies

Trump started frantically retweeting himself as the stock market plummeted and no one believed his tariff lies.

Trump Goes On A Lie Spree As China Retaliates In Trade War

Trump made several false claims about China paying tariffs, and tariffs boosting the US economy during a Monday Twitter lie spree.

Unhinged Trump Erupts in Sunday Morning Twitter Rage

President Donald Trump started off his Sunday morning with another assault on the media, which he thinks is treating him more unfairly than any other president in history. 

In a multi-tweet attack, the president called the press “ the most hostile and corrupt in the history of American politics,” and then listed off what he believes are his achievements. read more

Under Trump, U.S. Trade Deficits Roar to Record Highs

Donald Trump, the self-proclaimed master negotiator, is not doing much to help the United States in trade negotiations with other countries.

Under his leadership, the trade deficit in goods with China set a new record during his second year in office. This came despite his efforts to stop what he has claimed are Beijing’s trade  agreement violations. read more

Trump Isn’t Bragging Anymore As His Trade War Hits The Stock Market Hard

Trump used to brag and take credit for the stock market daily, but the president has gone quiet as the market is dropping and his trade war is one of the reasons why.

Most Americans are Worried and Disapprove of Trump on Trade

Although President Donald Trump on Monday prematurely bragged about a new trade agreement between the US and Mexico, nothing has really been accomplished yet. This is just one more example of how Trump makes announcements of his supposed accomplishments which simply are not true. There is no new trade deal with Mexico, just as there is no “denuclearization” of the Korean Peninsula. read more

Trump Attacks Koch Brothers For Pulling Support From GOP Candidates

President Donald Trump went on Twitter Tuesday morning and angrily attacked the Koch Brothers, who have long been two of the biggest donors to the Republican Party. Trump’s attacks were a response to reports on Monday that the Kochs have become very critical of the president and they have started to withhold  donations from pro-Trump GOP candidates. read more

Trump’s Trade War To Kill 20,000 Jobs In The US Beer Industry

Trump's tariff on aluminum is projected to cost 20,000 Americans their jobs in beer-related industries and impose a beer tax each year.

Trump Tries To Fix His Trade War By Throwing Hats At People In Iowa

Donald Trump showed up in Iowa today to try to paper over the damage his trade war is doing to the state, and his big plan appears to have been to throw some John Deere ripoff hats at people.

Deluded Trump Tells EU to “Drop all Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies”

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he thinks the United States and European Union should “drop all Tariffs, Barriers and Subsidies.” Trump’s tweeted suggestion came after he has proposed to put in place large new tariffs on imports into the United States from the European Union. read more

Wall Street Journal Trashes Trump on Trade Tariffs Causing Real and Growing Damage

In an editorial entitled  The Trade Casualties Mount,” the editorial board of the conservative Wall Street Journal harshly criticized the trade policies of President Donald Trump and his trade representative Peter Navarro. read more

Trump Announces $200 Billion of New Tariffs; China Says It Will Retaliate

United States trade officials on Tuesday published a new list of thousands of products imported from China that will be hit with new tariffs. The Trump administration wants impose an additional 10% import tax on hundreds of Chinese food products as well as tobacco, chemicals, coal, steel and aluminum. read more

Joni Ernst Stabs Iowa Farmers In The Back On Trump’s Trade War

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) stabbed her Iowa farming constituents in the back as she cheered Trump's trade war as farmers in her state face devastation.

To Fire Up His Base, Trump Declares War on Corporate America

To win election, Donald Trump positioned himself as a Washington outsider, as a candidate who would never take corporate money, and as a new type of political leader who would “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.. read more

Trump Takes Credit For Avoiding N. Korea War That He Almost Started

In a wild morning tweet storm President Donald Trump complained about Democrats who are “weak on crime,” the Fake News, the infestation of MS-13 gangs, unfair trade deals, “Crazy Maxine Waters,” and Nancy Pelosi. And as if that wasn’t enough, he also said that if it wasn’t for him the U.S. would now be at war with North Korea, and “all of Asia is thrilled.” read more