DOJ Says Businesses Can Discriminate Against Transgender Employees

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) told the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday that in their opinion it is…

4 years ago

Trump Looking At Eliminating Federal Recognition For Transgender Persons

The Trump administration is considering narrowly defining gender by genitalia, which would eliminate civil rights protections for transgendered persons.

4 years ago

White House Announces Policy to Keep Transgender People From the Military

The White House released a memo Friday night banning most transgender troops from serving in the military. The action by…

5 years ago

Transgender Member Of The Air Force Dares Trump To ‘Kick Me Out Of My Military’

Once again, Donald Trump has shown that he is on the wrong side of history, but the thousands of brave…

5 years ago

Opinion: Former N.C. Governor McCrory Feels Persecuted For Supporting the Toilet Law

“If you disagree with the politically correct thought police ... you’re a bigot, you’re the worst of evil. It’s almost…

6 years ago

New York Will Ignore Trump’s Assault On LGBTQ Rights And Protect Transgender Students

The Trump administration abandoned Obama-era LGBTQ protections. New York wasn't having it.

6 years ago

North Carolina GOP Facing Legal Challenges After Failing To Repeal ‘Bathroom Bill’

"The legislature may not be willing to undo their unconstitutional overreach and respect the rights of LGBT people, so we’ll…

6 years ago

In a Microcosm of National Politics, Bigotry May Cost Republicans Dearly in North Carolina

"I wouldn’t vote for anybody that does something like that. The logic, I just can’t figure it out at all.…

6 years ago

N.C. Republicans Rob Disaster Fund To Defend Toilet Law In Court

Governor McCrory and Republicans "diverted" $500,000 from North Carolina disaster relief to defend an unconstitutional theocratic edict in court.

6 years ago

Texas AG Paxton Lies Explaining Lawsuit Over School Toilet Access

There have been more criminal charges filed against Paxton than there have been cases, zero in fact, of transgender people…

6 years ago

School Board Allows Pepper Spray In School Suggesting Use Against Transgender Students

"It may be a pretty valuable tool to have on the female students if they go to the bathroom, not…

6 years ago

N.C. Governor Sues Federal Government For Defending and Upholding the Constitution

What North Carolina is doing is "mean-spirited and inconsistent with the Constitution and decades-old federal laws because of religion.

6 years ago

DOJ Warns North Carolina Its Bathroom Law Is A Serious Civil Rights Violation

"North Carolina's HB2 is deeply discriminatory and violates civil rights law in all kinds of manners."

6 years ago

Women Are Stalked and Accosted For Daring To Use Women’s Bathrooms

"I wanted to make sure she was going to the right place. Because in times like these, you can never…

6 years ago

Mike Huckabee Fearmongers About Transgendered People, But Defends Child Molester Josh Duggar

The hypocrisy is stunning. Video has surfaced of child molester Josh Duggar's biggest political defender, Mike Huckabee, fearmongering over children…

7 years ago

They Were Born That Way: Is This John Boehner’s ENDA?

John Boehner's reaction in not wanting to hold a vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act legislation is still wrong.

9 years ago