Latest Cabinet Picks Are Proof That Trump Never Intended To ‘Drain The Swamp’

Donald Trump lobbyists

Sorry, Trump voters. The swamp your man promised to drain is only getting deeper.

Trump Continues To Crumble By Botching First Post-Election Visit With Foreign Leader

Donald Trump transition

The laziness he has displayed during the transition seems to indicate that he was never really serious about becoming president in the first place.

Trump Transition Team Descends Into Chaos As Nobody Wants To Join Administration

Donald Trump transition

Trump is so desperate to have people join his team that he's seeking the Obama administration's help in filling roles.

Nobody In National Security Wants to Work for Donald Trump

Donald Trump is having a hard time staffing intelligence and homeland security positions because so many Republican experts refuse to work for him.

Hillary Clinton Takes Action To Ban Lobbyists From Her Transition Team

Hillary Clinton stands by her pledge to stop the revolving door by barring lobbyists and K streeters from access to her transition team.