Despite Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Pledge, Koch-Republicans Will Block Infrastructure Spending

It is likely that Senator Sanders was sending a message to the Koch brothers that regardless they currently control government spending, he intends on appealing to the people for support to invest in America. Something Republicans oppose regardless Americans' lives have been lost and are increasingly in danger due to America's substandard transportation infrastructure.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Is Stealing More From Children And Retirees To Fund Tax Cuts

Brownback's latest trickle down approach to make up for gross revenue shortfalls "crippling the state's finances" include cutting classroom funding for schools by another $127 million, cutting state payments to pension funds by $446 million, and stealing about $350 million from the state's transportation department funding.

Jeff Denham Is The Koch Brothers’ Favorite California Tea Partier

Jeff Denham is a typical teabagger-Republican in that his campaign rhetoric is dictated by the Koch's Americans for Prosperity and founded on monumental lies meant to frighten his supporters into voting against their own best self-interests; which they do with great enthusiasm.

Republicans Take America Back (To the 19th Century) By Cutting Education and Paved Roads

Since 2011,Republican governors have taken their country back with the systematic demolition of the public education system and for Texas residents, the loss of paved roads.