Ferguson Decision Is Another Sign Of American Apartheid

America is not a civilized society and the concept of equality for all its citizens is exactly that; a concept. In fact, what America really has always been is a nation founded on the principles of apartheid, or the policy of racial segregation and political and economic discrimination against non-whites.

Conservative Says Obama Is a Racist Then Calls Him a “Spade”

Conservatives, and primarily Republicans, have noticed their racist tendencies are attracting a bit too much attention and for the second time in a month are attempting to distract Americans with accusations that President Obama is a racist who hates and is waging a war on white people.

Human Rights Watchdog Demands End to America’s Racial Discrimination

After a thorough examination of America's pathetic record of disparate treatment of minorities, a United Nations watchdog reported what people of color, particularly African Americans, have known first hand and all too well for decades. "Racial and ethnic discrimination remains a serious and persistent problem in all areas of life from de facto school segregation, access to health care, and housing."

George Zimmerman’s Lawsuit Loss Provides Silver Lining On Day Of Horrible Court Decisions

On a day when the Supreme Court of the United States turned back the clock and issued regressive decisions that will greatly harm women and public sector unions, at least one court case offered a glimmer of hope that the US court system isn't irretrievably broken.

Michael Dunn’s Racism Couldn’t Be Hidden Behind Stand Your Ground

Although it is tragic that racial animus is not a prosecutable crime, there are instances when the result of racism can be prosecuted. Yesterday a Florida jury convicted a man for expressing racial animus with a firearm.