Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Busts Trump For Using A Ghostwriter For His Posts

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah pointed out why there is no way that Trump the statement that was released in…

7 months ago

Trevor Noah Shatters Trump’s ‘Insane’ Excuses For Stealing Classified Docs

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah took apart each of Trump's four new excuses for his theft of classified documents.

7 months ago

Trevor Noah Makes The Case Trump Informed On Himself

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah suggested that the person close to Trump who ratted him out was Trump.

7 months ago

Trevor Noah Destroys Trump’s Claim That FBI Planted Evidence

Trevor Noah showed the absurdity of Trump and the GOP's claim that the FBI planted evidence against him at Mar-a-Lago.

7 months ago

Trevor Noah Absolutely Shreds GOP Hypocrites Defending Trump After FBI Raid

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah called the hypocrisy of Republicans who threw America under the bus after the FBI searched…

8 months ago

Trevor Noah Delivers The Perfect Joke About Trump Throwing Food

Trevor Noah pointed out that most angry people turn over a table when having a food tantrum, but Trump turned…

9 months ago

Trevor Noah Brilliantly Made The Media Squirm At The WHCD

Trevor Noah made plenty of jokes about Joe Biden, but his strongest message was reserved for the media in attendance.

11 months ago

Trevor Noah Delivers The Ultimate Takedown Of Peter Doocy

Trevor Noah called out Peter Doocy for asking about Hunter Biden all of the time while he used his dad's…

11 months ago

Ted Cruz Gets Absolutely Destroyed in Twitter Debate With Trevor Noah

Ted Cruz is known as a lover of pop culture. His absolute favorite show is The Simpsons. That love, however,…

2 years ago

The Daily Show Trolls Trump With Newspaper Ads Aimed at a “Soon-to-Be ex-President”

The Daily Show has taken out full-page ads in major newspapers aimed at Donald Trump and mocking him for his…

3 years ago

Biden Says The Military Will Escort Trump from the White House If He Refuses to Leave Office

During an interview with Daily Show host Trevor Noah, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden voiced what many Americans say they…

3 years ago

In 2004 Speech Trump Said That Walls Don’t Work

In a 2004 speech to a group of graduating college students in New York Donald Trump told his audience never…

4 years ago

Comedy Central Taps South African Comedian Trevor Noah To Replace Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah, a 31-year old South African comedian, will replace Jon Stewart as the host for The Daily Show.

8 years ago