Nancy Pelosi Calls Out Devin Nunes’ ‘Bizarre’ Behavior on TODAY Show

“I’ve never seen behavior this bizarre on the part of the chairman,” Nancy Pelosi told TODAY

Trump Is Secretly Filling Government With Hundreds Of Lobbyists And Far-Right Conspiracy Theorists

The president is quietly expanding his reach into every level of the executive branch of government.

What Trump Calls a ‘Spirit of Optimism’ Sweeping Country is Actually a Wave of BS

Ben Carson says slaves were immigrant, only packed like sardines and chained in the cargo holds. Next, he'll tell us this was 'economy class'

The Obama White House Quietly Left Trail Of Russia Intel So Trump Couldn’t Destroy It

Barack Obama Oval Office

Officials in the Obama administration preserved intelligence related to Russia's connections to the Trump campaign.

John Dean Drops A Bombshell By Accusing The White House Of A Russia Cover-Up

"When a White House leans on the FBI, they’re in a cover-up mode," John Dean said regarding the way the Trump administration is trying to lean on the FBI.

Trump Shames America As Human Rights Group Labels US a Global Threat

Due to the rise of Donald Trump et al, Human Rights Watch declared that the United States is now a global threat to human rights.

Democrats Give Trump An Un-Merry Christmas With Vetting Principles For His Nominees

The ranking members of 16 Senate Committees issued a statement that outlined the principles that should be used to vet Trump's nominees. The principles became necessary as reports are growing that the president-elect's nominees are withholding information from Senate Committees.

Donald Trump Breaches Protocol And Ditches Press Pool To Go Out For Steak

Trump steakhouse

The protective press pool that Trump ditched is meant to ensure that the American people know exactly what their president-elect is doing.