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Biden Calls Texas Abortion Ban “Almost Un-American”

Biden Calls Texas Abortion Ban “Almost Un-American”

President Joe Biden spoke out against the recent Texas abortion ban that went into effect Wednesday that prohibits virtually all…

2 years ago

A US Capitol Police Officer Has Died Following Yesterday’s Trump Riots

One of the most troubling aspects of yesterday's assault on the Capitol was how under-prepared and undermanned the police force…

3 years ago

Trump’s Nightmare Comes True As More Ukraine Documents Are Coming

Lev Parnas's lawyer said on Wednesday that more Ukraine documents will be coming out as Trump's nightmare gets bigger by…

4 years ago

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Blames Trump For Hanukkah Stabbing

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) said that Trump is fomenting political hate that spreading to the culture after the Hanukkah stabbing.

4 years ago

Trump Lies To The Troops And Makes Up Fake Afghanistan Cease-Fire

Trump told the troops that he is working on a cease-fire in Afghanistan, which according to all parties involved doesn't…

4 years ago