White Voters Flees As Trump’s Core Support Starts To Collapse

White voters are the backbone of Donald Trump's political support, and significant groups of white voters are abandoning the president.

Impeachment Bombshell As More Voters Want Trump Removed Than Support Him

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll found that by 11 points more voters want to impeach and remove Trump than support him.

GOP Senator Mocked For Bragging About Trump’s 43% Approval Rating

The number two Republican in the U.S. Senate went on Twitter this morning to boast about a new Gallup poll showing that Donald Trump’s approval rating is now at 43%. And of course he was immediately mocked on social media for pointing out something that most presidents would rather keep secret. read more

Blame Game: GOP Candidates Panic Due to Trump’s Unpopularity

With about seven weeks until election day on November 6th, Republicans are in full panic mode. Almost every recent poll shows the president’s unpopularity falling to record low levels, while at the same time congressional generic ballots show Republicans facing a bloodbath in the midterms. read more

Crash and Burn: Trump Approval Drops 16 Points Among Independents

The #1 factor that determines results of midterm elections is this: the approval ratings of the president.

Based on the latest CNN poll, this means the Republican Party is in really deep trouble. The chances of a Blue Wave turning into a Blue Tsunami have just increased significantly. read more

Trump’s Approval Rating Drops As Republican Tax Cuts Pass Congress

The latest Gallup Daily Trump Job Approval tracking poll finds that Trump's approval rating dropped by a point as Republicans were passing their tax cut bill in Congress.

It’s Not Your Imagination: One Chart Shows Trump Is The Least Popular President In History

One chart from the ABC News/Washington Post Poll shows that Donald Trump is the most unpopular first-term president in the seven-decade history of presidential polling.

Republicans Flee The Trump Dumpster Fire As President’s Approval Rating Hits New Low

The new Gallup presidential approval rating daily tracker reveals that Republicans are running away from Donald Trump.

New Poll Delivers Horrible News To Trump As Republicans Are Fleeing His Failing Presidency

A new Gallup poll shows Trump's approval rating with Republicans is now sitting in the Nixon during Watergate territory that no president ever wants to be in.

America Rejects Trump Like A Bad Organ Transplant As His Approval Sinks To 32%

Trump's approval has hit a new record low of 32% according to a new AP poll, which means that this president is worse than unpopular. He is being soundly rejected.

Trump’s White Support Collapses As He Has The Same 1st Term Approval Rating As Obama

Trump’s approval with whites is falling so fast that he now has the same first term approval rating white voters as former President Barack Obama.

Carrie Dann of NBC News tweeted the data from Gallup: read more

Trump’s Approval Numbers Fall To The Worst In History After Bungled Charlottesville Response

According to the latest Gallup Daily Tracking Poll, Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen to among the worst in the history polling after his bungled response to the racist domestic terror attack in Charlottesville. read more

Trump’s Numbers Get Worse As He Sets Record For Lowest For 2nd Quarter Approval In History

According to Gallup, Trump has set the record for the lowest average second quarter approval rating in the history of presidential polling.

Fox News Poll Humiliates Trump As His Supporters Are Fleeing Over Healthcare

A new Fox News poll has Trump losing support among Republicans (-3), white men (-9), and working class whites (-11), which means that Trump's small base of support is continuing to shrink.

Failing Trump Sets The Record For Lowest Approval Rating In The First 6 Months Of A Presidency

Things are so bad for Donald Trump that he has set the record for having the lowest approval rating of any president during their first six months in office in US history.

Trump Can’t Touch Obama As Former President’s Popularity Surges To New Highs

A new Gallup poll found that former President Obama is maintaining his popularity surge thanks to Donald Trump.

Chart of Obama’s popularity surge via Gallup:

Gallup reported, “Obama’s current 63% favorable rating is similar to what Gallup measured during the lame-duck period of his presidency, from mid-November 2016 through January 2017. Those ratings represented an improvement from what Gallup found for most of his two terms, including a 54% favorable rating last August, the last measurement before Americans chose his successor in the 2016 election.” read more

Trump Has A 7 AM Meltdown And Proclaims Himself More Popular Than Barack Obama

Trump was alone with his thoughts at 7 AM and was on the President’s mind wasn’t any number of challenges facing the United States and the world, but how he was secretly more popular than Obama. read more

Trump Is Crashing And Burning Before Our Eyes As His Disapproval Hits A Record 60%

According to the Gallup three-day rolling average of presidential approval, Trump's disapproval has reached a record high of 60%.

Anti-Climate Paris Withdrawal Backfires On Trump As His Approval Rating Plunges To 36%

Trump keeps finding new ways to make himself less popular. His latest move of with withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Accord has sent his approval rating tumbling to a new low of 36%.

Support For Trump Is Collapsing In The 300 Counties That May Decide The 2020 Election

A new Monmouth University poll revealed that Trump's approval rating had dropped the most in the 300 counties where the 2016 election was decided by single digits.