Trump Blames Obama

Trump Tries To Blame Obama For His Virus Incompetence

Trump called the demand for expanded coronavirus testing a media trap and tried to blame President Obama for his incompetence.

3 years ago

Trump Blames Obama For His Felony Campaign Finance Violations

Trump blew a fuse over the Michael Cohen guilty plea and claimed that Obama had an even bigger campaign finance…

4 years ago

Trump Wigs Out And Blames Obama For His Treason

Trump is honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending their country this Memorial Day weekend by flipping out…

5 years ago

A Cornered And Desperate Trump Blames Obama For Mike Flynn’s Crimes

The White House is trying to distance Trump by Mike Flynn's crimes by referring to Flynn as a former Obama…

5 years ago

Trump Plans To Take Health Care Away From 20 Million Americans And Blame Obama

While speaking to the nation's governors, President Trump laid out a plan for taking away health care from 20 million…

6 years ago

Trump Blames Obama For His Russia Scandal In Credibility Destroying Press Conference

President Trump called the Russia scandal fake news, and then he contradicted himself by blaming Obama appointees for leaking information…

6 years ago

Trump Blames Delta Airlines System Outage on Sunday for Airport Chaos on Saturday

"Big problems at airports were caused by Delta computer outage," said Trump but the problems began Saturday with his Muslim…

6 years ago