New York Will Investigate and Prosecute Trump, His Family and His Business

The newly-elected Attorney General for the State of New York has some big plans. And they involve the President of the United States, his children, and his business.

After being elected on November 6, Letitia James promised she would begin large-scale investigations of “President Donald Trump, his family and anyone in his circle who may have violated the law.” She said the investigations and prosecutions of Trump criminal conduct would be a top priority when she starts her new job next month. read more

Civil Tax Penalties Could Bankrupt Trump and His Family

The bombshell investigative report about Trump family tax fraud published yesterday by the New York Times could bankrupt President Donald Trump and his family.

Even though the statutes of limitations may have expired for criminal tax fraud (because the events took place so long ago) that would not be the case for the imposition of civil tax penalties. Which would mean Trump and his family may be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not far-fetched to think that this could possibly wipe out his entire net worth and bankrupt him. read more

Fox Guest Says All Americans Are At Risk of Being Targeted by Mueller

Attorney Alan Dershowitz argued on Monday that all Americans are at risk of being targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller. In so doing he accomplished two of the biggest goals of right-wing media:

  1. He undermined the credibility of law enforcement officials, such as the FBI and the Department of Justice, and
  2. He furthered the idea that there is a conspiracy being run to harm Donald Trump and his associates, who have done nothing wrong.

During an interview with Dershowitz on Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade said that President Donald Trump is being targeted and attacked unfairly, as shown by the many investigations into his campaign, into his business dealings, and into his charitable foundation. read more

New York Prosecutors Can Go After Trump Now If Mueller Won’t

There are two big unanswered questions concerning yesterday’s Michael Cohen plea deal:

  1. Is Cohen a cooperating witness who has “flipped” on Trump and will be working with prosecutors to bring down the president?
  2. Since Trump has not been indicted as a co-conspirator, when might that change and when might the president actually be indicted?

It appears that the answer to #1 is “yes” which leaves as the real mystery the second question.

Most of the mainstream media commentators who are talking about this right now seem to be of the opinion that Trump will not be indicted either by Mueller or by the team of Justice Department prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (where Cohen pleaded guilty). And they may be right, because there is very little precedent to go on concerning presidential indictments, and Justice Department guidelines seem to prohibit it. read more

Roger Stone Admits He Is Mentioned in Indictments and This May Prove Trump Crimes

One thing that was accomplished with Rod Rosenstein’s announcement of 12 new indictments against Russians on Friday was to provide proof once again that Roger Stone has a long history of lying.

To go through all of the many provable instances of Stone’s lying would take too much time, but there are a few key examples that show Stone has been lying from the beginning about his personal involvement in the hacking of Hillary Clinton and DNC emails and about his relationship with the Russian government. read more