Opinion: Let Trump Slowly Bleed — ‘Hanging’s Too Good For Him’

According to an opinion piece in the New Yorker, Democrats would be wasting their time bringing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. For one thing, the Republican-controlled Senate would never let it happen even if the House successfully started the process. read more

Donald Trump is About to Go Through Hell As Democrats Probe His Finances

Donald Trump’s biographer thinks our current president is about to go through hell.

Writing in Bloomberg,Tim O’Brien has predicted that the coming months will be excruciatingly painful for Trump, as House Democrats conduct a thorough probe of his personal finances. read more

Trump Is Fighting a Losing Battle and Doesn’t Know He Has Already Lost

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting this morning about Donald Trump’s new strategy for dealing with the many investigations he is facing from federal and state prosecutors, as well as from House Democrats. Apparently the president plans to keep fighting without realizing he has already lost the battle. read more

WSJ: Cohen Testimony Will Accuse Trump of Criminal Conduct in Office

This could be Donald Trump’s week from hell.

The conservative Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that it has obtained exclusive information concerning this week’s planned testimony from former Donald Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen. According to the Journal: read more

GOP Donors Worry That Trump Has ‘No Plan and No Strategy’ for 2020

POLITICO is reporting this morning that after a recent secret meeting 100 Republican donors were left with very serious concerns about Donald Trump’s re-election campaign team, his plan and his strategy for the 2020 election. read more

Analysis: Imminent Indictment May Soon Cause Trump to Resign

Walter Dellinger on Rachel Maddow

The mainstream media has long insisted that there is a Department of Justice (DOJ) policy that prevents it from indicting a sitting president. However, there actually is no such policy. As a result, Donald Trump may very well be indicted and charged with various crimes while he is still in office. read more

Rule Change Will Greatly Help Democrats Investigate Trump’s Crimes

A change to House rules will greatly help Democratic investigations of President Trump and his administration, according to a new report from The Hill.

The change allows staff of House committees to conduct interviews of witnesses under oath without any members of Congress present. This frees up the time of legislators to do other work while their staff depose the many witnesses in their investigations. read more

Democrats To Begin ‘Vast Probe’ Into Trump & Putin Possible Criminal Ties

Democrats in the House will soon launch a “vast” and comprehensive series of investigations into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

And, according to a new report, the focus of the investigations will be on Trump’s criminal relationship with Vladimir Putin, and the alleged money laundering and other crimes that they committed together. read more

Report: Donald Trump Has Already Confessed Stealing Inauguration Money

Last night the federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) subpoenaed the financial records from Donald Trump’s inauguration committee.  This is a good indication that the SDNY prosecutors plan to bring criminal charges very soon against Donald Trump, members of his family, and others in his inner circle. read more

Princeton Historians: Democrats Must Impeach Trump to ‘Heal the Nation’

Two experts from Princeton University published an article this morning in USA Today saying that Democrats must immediately take action to impeach Donald Trump. If they don’t, they wrote, the president may do irreparable harm to our democracy. read more

Trump Crime Family Admits They Hired Illegal Immigrants For Years

Donald Trump’s businesses, run by his children, have employed undocumented immigrants for years. After numerous media reports about these immigrants being mistreated and then fired, the president’s son Eric yesterday announced a new company policy to deal with the problem.  He said that the Trump Organization now plans to institute the federal E-Verify program in every one of its golf clubs, hotels and resorts. read more

Giuliani Admitted Collusion in Doomed Attempt to Protect Trump

The past week has not been easy for supporters of Donald Trump, especially those who believe he is innocent of conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.

On Thursday BuzzFeed News published allegations that he instructed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about a proposed Trump Tower real estate project in Moscow. And even though Bob Mueller’s office has attacked the accuracy of BuzzFeed’s reporting, the news site is standing by it, saying it is accurate. And as the truth comes out after Mueller’s final report is issued, and Cohen testifies before Congress on February 7, we may find out that the BuzzFeed story was indeed true. read more

‘He’s Done’ — Mueller Has ‘Smoking Gun’ Proving Trump Suborned Perjury

A BuzzFeed News report published late Thursday night found that President Donald Trump has been implicated in federal crimes by directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress. According to the report, Trump directed Cohen to lie about the 2016 Trump Tower Moscow negotiations, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller has evidence to prove it. read more

Julian Castro Says He Won’t Pardon Trump’s Crimes

Julian Castro said Tuesday night that if he wins the presidency in 2020 Donald Trump would not receive a pardon for his crimes. The former Obama cabinet official implied that the current president would likely be charged with multiple felonies in coming months. read more

Trump Crime Family Moves to Get Racketeering Lawsuit Dismissed

Before conman Donald Trump sold America on him becoming president, he was conning working-class people who invested hundreds of thousands of dollars with him, and lost all their money. And his three oldest children were helping him do it. At least that is what a lawsuit filed last fall charged. read more

USA Today Gives Evidence Of Illegal Trump Collusion With Russia

President Donald Trump engaged in campaign violations and colluded with Russia, committing both crimes “in plain sight” according to an op-ed published in USA Today.

Ethics watchdogs Fred Wertheimer and Norm Eisen wrote the op-ed, pointing out Trump’s obvious crimes. One, of course, occurred when Trump’s longtime attorney, Michael Cohen, implicated the president in a conspiracy when he pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws. read more