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Trump sounded drugged during Iran statement

Opinion: If it Takes A Crime For Republicans to Impeach Trump, He Delivered

The fact that Donald Trump ordered Soleimani’s killing seven months ago  takes us into criminal territory that also ought to be impeachable. There’s nothing new about Trump breaking the law, or committing crimes when we consider every time he obstructed justice and tried to intimidate witnesses. This, however, is the first time we’re aware of…


WSJ: Cohen Testimony Will Accuse Trump of Criminal Conduct in Office

This could be Donald Trump’s week from hell. The conservative Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that it has obtained exclusive information concerning this week’s planned testimony from former Donald Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen. According to the Journal: “The President’s ex-lawyer will tell House committees he witnessed Trump’s ‘lies, racism and cheating,’ as…


Expert: Trump Suborned Perjury Many Times Before Cohen

In an article published in The New Republic Wednesday a national security expert says that President Donald Trump committed crimes publicly, as he convinced his allies to lie to law enforcement for him. According to investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler, a national security expert, Trump repeatedly suborned perjury “in plain sight” and has never been charged…


Senator Says Congress is Almost Ready to Indict Trump

Sheldon Whitehouse, the senior Democratic senator from Rhode Island, said yesterday that Congress is almost ready to indict President Donald Trump. He also indicated that he is hopeful that Trump may soon face actual criminal charges. Whitehouse, a former U.S. attorney and attorney general for Rhode Island, was on CNN Tuesday night speaking to anchor…


Trump May Be Charged With Crimes As Part of the Inaugural Investigation

Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating President Trump’s inaugural committee for misspending donated funds from the record $107 million it received. Investigators are examining financial wrongdoing, and are scrutinizing donors who may have written sizable checks in exchange for access to the Trump administration, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. Many Different Crimes…


Trump Panicking As Cohen Reaches New Plea Deal With Mueller

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, has reached a new plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller. According to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Cohen is expected to plead guilty to lying to congressional committees. “Michael Cohen, Pres Trump’s former personal attorney, reaches new plea deal with Mueller this morning.  Expected to enter guilty plea for…


The Cancer on the Presidency Must Be Removed

In the course of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea this week, the president’s former lawyer admitted his part in a high-level cover-up, including the use of hush money, designed to influence the 2016 election. And he accused President Trump of directing this violation. This is different from our daily dose of the president’s tweets and attacks.He…

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