Trump Rips Fake News on Twitter; Tells Washington Post Employees To Strike

The Washington Post

President Donald Trump must have gotten a good night’s sleep because he hit the ground running this morning, going on Twitter and posting a barrage of off-the-wall tweets.

His last tweet was outlandish in that he is encouraging employees of the Washington Post newspaper to go on strike.  He also asked if the Post is registered as a lobbyist. read more

Broken Record Trump Predictably Attacks NBC With Fake News

Trump seized on a corrected error by NBC News to an attack on the network that was full of false statements and more presidential fake news.

Watch As A Reporter Calls Out Trump For Spreading Fake News During White House Briefing

Trump was called out by a reporter for spreading the false story and encouraging war time atrocities during the White House briefing.

White House Invents Fake Trump Statement Saying He Condemns White Supremacists and Racists

The White House is in full scramble mode, as they have released a statement from an unnamed White House official claiming that Trump's statement included white supremacists and racists.

Trump’s Reaction To One Retracted CNN Story Is A Troubling Sign Of Mental Illness

Donald Trump is proclaiming all stories about the Russia scandal fake after one CNN story about a person who was joining his administration's ties to a Russian investment fund was found to be false, and three journalists resigned.

Trump Gets Busted For Spreading Fake News As His Arms Deal With Saudi Arabia Was A Lie

The $110 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia that Trump touted on his first overseas trip was fake news. The deal doesn't exist according to experts.

Republicans Throw A Fit After CNN Refuses To Air Trump Ad That Contains False Information

Republicans threw a fit after CNN refused to run a new Trump campaign ad because it contained false information that called the mainstream media, "fake news."

Trump: ‘Positive’ Polls Show 53% See Him as ‘Strong Leader’ But Obama Got 77% in 2009

Trump tweeted "Some very positive info...almost all stand by their vote on me & 53% said strong leader" but he loses to President Obama

Trump Claims Fake Fox News Scandal Rest of Media Ignores is ‘The Real Story’

"Such amazing reporting on unmasking and the crooked scheme against us by @foxandfriends. 'Spied on before nomination.' The real story."

Trump Gives Investigators Ammunition For Impeachment With Latest Twitter Explosion

Investigators are paying attention to Trump's Twitter account, and they are finding behavior that is leading them to the heart of the Russia scandal.

Trump Mental State Crumbling As He Compares Himself To Abe Lincoln And Calls Newspapers Fake News

President Trump continues to show signs of not handling the presidency mentally well. During his campaign rally in Florida, Trump compared himself to Abe Lincoln and quoted Thomas Jefferson to suggest that all newspapers are fake news.

White House Admits They Use Fake News Label To Punish Press That Criticize Trump

Deputy Assistant to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, said that the White House is going to continue calling the media fake news until the press stops being critical of Trump.