Trump Bought A Painting Of Himself Because No One Else Bid On It

Trump's attorneys have admitted that he bought a painting of himself with his foundation's money because no one else bid on it.

Probe of Trump’s Foundation May Bring Down His Business Empire Also

President Donald Trump should be very worried about the investigation into his sham charity turning into an investigation of his business empire, according to a new report from NBC News.

The news service said legal experts believe that the New York state investigations into the charitable Trump Foundation will likely expand to the president’s namesake business, the Trump Organization. read more

New York Sues Trump Foundation for ‘Persistent Illegality’

The New York State attorney general’s office submitted a court filing on Thursday making clear that it is continuing to sue the Trump Foundation for “persistent illegality.”

In June the attorney general’s office had originally filed suit with allegations that the foundation — run by Donald Trump and his children — had violated numerous New York state laws. The lawsuit claimed that the Trump Foundation had broken New York’s charities laws to illegally provide funding for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. read more

New York Prosecutors Move to Bring Down Trump and His Kids

CNN has reported that New York state prosecutors have asked to meet with Michael Cohen’s attorney. This shows that the State of New York is not waiting for Bob Mueller or other federal law enforcement authorities to pursue criminal investigations against Donald Trump or his children. read more

NY Attorney General: Trump Charity Illegally Bankrolled His Campaign

Despite pleas from the president’s attorneys, the Attorney General of New York has pledged to continue with a lawsuit against the president for misusing charitable funds donated to the Trump Foundation. According to her,Trump used the Foundation as a personal piggybank and a source of money to illegally fund his businesses and also his political campaign. read more

Trump & His Children are Going Down Now That Weisselberg Has Flipped

A lawsuit filed back in June by the State of New York has the potential to bring down Donald Trump and his children as it exposes a conspiracy to misuse charitable funds and break multiple laws. This is especially true now that Trump’s financial executive, Allen Weisselberg, is cooperating with prosecutors. read more

Trump Is Doomed As His ‘Wall of Secrecy’ Is Crumbling Around Him

Throughout his career — as he has built a global real estate and branding empire — Donald Trump has had one guiding principle: keep it private.

He has succeeded in doing this for four decades, through multiple bankruptcies and while borrowing literally billions of dollars. He has never had to disclose his personal or business financial information to the public because he has never offered publicly traded stock or debt for investors to purchase. read more

Calls Grow For The IRS Investigate The Trump Foundation For Crimes

A dozen public interest organizations are calling on the IRS to investigate the Trump Foundation for criminal violations of the US tax code.

Trump Foundation Finally Shutting Down After Admitting It Broke ‘Self-Dealing’ Law

Not only did the "charitable" foundation not do much charity work, but Trump frequently used it to enrich himself, his family members, and his businesses.

Fact Checkers Eat Trump Alive For Claim That ‘All’ Foundation Money Goes To Charity

Donald Trump

Not only has the foundation forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars to non-charitable causes, but Trump himself gave little of his own money to the organization.

Trump Ridiculously Claims Every Penny Raised by Foundation Goes to Charity

"The DJT Foundation, unlike most foundations, never paid fees, rent, salaries or any expenses. 100% of money goes to wonderful charities!"

Here’s Why Trump Picked An Ex-WWE CEO To Lead The Small Business Administration

Donald Trump speech

Despite Trump's emphasis on McMahon's business acumen, the real reasons for the pick are likely more Trumpian than that.

Trump’s Foundation Appears To Be Guilty Of What He Accused Hillary Clinton of Doing

Donald Trump Anthony Weiner

Donald Trump's foundation appears to have done the very thing Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being corrupt over. With the same person. And he did it while running for president.

New York Attorney General’s Office Finds Trump Foundation Has Violated Tax Laws

The office of the New York state attorney general has found that the Trump Foundation violated the state's tax laws and ordered the Republican nominee's foundation to immediately stop fundraising.

Scandal Erupts Over Trump Using Foundation To Dodge Taxes Hours Before Debate

Hours before Trump steps on stage to debate Hillary Clinton, a new report raises questions about whether or not Trump used his foundation to avoid paying personal income taxes.

Hillary Clinton Turns The Tables As Foundation Scandal Sinks Donald Trump

The script has flipped as Hillary Clinton is demanding that Donald Trump releases his tax returns after a new report found that the Republican nominee illegally used funds from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits.

Trump Rewarded Florida AG Pam Bondi Several Times After She Dropped Trump U Case

Pam Bondi was without doubt one of the Trump "pay to playmates" who made Trump “University’s” problems go away.

Donald Trump, His Foundation and Florida’s Attorney General Epitomize Corruption

The media refuses shine a light on real corruption of Trump’s foundation, or report that he admitted guilt in using his foundation illegally.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid Is Having None Of A Trump Surrogate’s Clinton Foundation Lies

Joy Reid MSNBC Steve Cortes

Hopefully, the rest of the media will follow the MSNBC host's lead and recognize that the real pay-to-play scandal they crave isn't coming from the Clinton Foundation – it's coming from Trump's.