Trump Will Sign Bill, Declare an Emergency and Prove He Is a Fraud

The Associated Press (AP) reports this morning that Donald Trump is planning to do two big things today:

  • Sign into law the bill that Congress passed yesterday funding border security while also keeping the government open, and
  • Declare a national emergency when he appears in the Rose Garden at 10 a.m. for remarks on “the national security and humanitarian crisis on our southern border.”

To keep his right-wing anti-immigrant base happy he now plans to bypass Congress and siphon billions of dollars from other federal coffers for his wall on the Mexican border. read more

Unpaid Taxes and Penalties Could Force Trump to Liquidate His Fortune

A recent New York Times story about Trump family tax fraud has opened tax probes in several states and may lead to Trump owing hundreds of millions of dollars. Although it is unlikely the president or anyone in his family will be charged with crimes, it is very possible that they may owe so much money that Trump family assets may have to be liquidated to pay their debts. If this happens the president, his siblings, and his children could all be in serious financial trouble. read more