While Destroying Obamacare, Trump Blames Democrats


A Washington Post/ABC News poll released last week found Americans trust Democrats more on health care than Republicans by a 53-35 percent margin.

Still, President Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed that Democrats are putting patients with pre-existing conditions in danger. He said that Republicans will protect them, it what can best be described as a blatant lie. In fact the president’s words directly contradict the actions of his own administration, which has worked diligently in attempting to completely dismantle Obamacare. read more

How Trump’s Whims, Lies and False Promises Make Officials Scramble

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In addition to telling thousands of lies, Donald Trump has become the master of the false promise. When he unexpectedly told reporters over the weekend that middle-income Americans would receive a 10 percent tax cut before the midterm elections, it caught everyone off guard. But immediately the bureaucratic machinery of the Trump administration leaped into action. They were trying to come up with an actual policy that could support Trump’s whimsical idea of a new tax cut, which had no basis in reality. read more